6 string problem at the 12 fret

When I am hitting the E string on the 12 fret, it makes a sound like if I wouldn’t press it down enough. It is just the 12th fret. Not the 11th or 13th fret. What could be the problem.

If it’s just the 12th fret and no others then a slightly high 13th fret is a possibility. Electric or acoustic? Always has this problem or has it just started? You can check for a high fret with a fret rocker, or something else with a VERY straight edge that is long enough to cover frets 12, 13 and 14 at the same time. I’d also be checking the neck relief and action height.

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There is no money above the fifth fret…
Just kidding. Either a higher 13th fret, or the neck bends too much at 12-13th fret position.


It started today. Acoustic guitar. Ok it is starting on the 9th fret and ends at the 14th fret.

If it’s buzzing between frets 10 and 13 then it’s more likely to be neck relief. Acoustics are more susceptible to movement with changing humidity and if you live in an area with large changes in humidity it might need tweaking as the weather changes.

The string is touching the fret on the 13th and 14th.

My first port of call would be to check the neck relief.

I am from Austria. It got 26 degrees yesterday. Up 14 degrees from Friday. Today we habe 30 degrees.

It all points to movement due to humidity. It’s very common for acoustics in particular to need tweaks as the weather changes.

But that would be outside temperature, not inside your house. I’d guess that temperature in your house is more or less constant?

Yes but the air is dry where I am right now. I am on rehabilitation.

The buzz word sucks it always seems to be around acoustics . I am always adjusting the truss rod to get rid of this.

I guess I need to fix it when I am at home.

That’s a relative humidity issue then which is connected to the temperature.
I think Paul @mathsjunky suggested to check relief. I’d start there too.

I hope your rehab goes well! Stay strong!

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Thank you.

I get changes in my necks when the weather changes fast. It will probably return, but it is annoying if the weather lasts a few days, and it may be nicer to just fix it.

If you need a video on checking relief and adjusting the truss rod, I like Phil McKnight videos. I think I am linking just the truss rod section here, but the whole video is handy for all things maintenance.

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Usually, a neck relief problem causes “fret buzz” on the lower frets (1 thru 5), where fret buzz around fret 12 usually due to the bridge being too low. If adjusting the neck doesn’t help, I’d check to see if the bridge piece may be put in backwards on your acoustic.YMMV

I will have a look