700 Songs Giveaway!

We’re celebrating 700 free song tutorials with an incredible giveaway. Enter now!


Awesome! Thanks!

To enter, log in to the website and find the “give away” link in the small set of links at the bottom. Try not to use an iPhone. I was unable to sign up as it couldn’t format for my screen and I couldn’t tap the submit button. I will try again on a tablet or PC later.


Not sure if it’s supposed to be so hard to find… if so, feel free to remove the link from my post. Also, the submit button works fine on PC.

PS: Hmm… shouldn’t have posted this… the fewer people find it, the better my chances! :grin:

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Can’t access the submit button using my iPhone. The page format won’t allow it. The iPhone range was the best selling mobile phone of 2021. Justin’s web team need to get their act together here. :worried:

Sorry about that, and please keep the feedback coming, as we’ll be improving this page in the next few days! And for the next giveaways!

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Also had problems on Chrome with a tracker blocker (u block origin), it worked fine in Edge with no add ins.

Thank you for the opportunity.

I have uBlock Origin but in Firefox and it worked fine, so I don’t think the plugin is the issue. Unless it works differently in Chrome of course.

Brave browser worked fine, thanks!

No issues on Android browser just needed to log in to website first and button appeared :slight_smile:

Unbelievable… 700 songs :exploding_head:,and in the almost absurd tempo at which Justin releases his lessons it will now be 700+ :grin:… And if it were only songs, but there are also “some” …kuch…other lessons on this site… …Incredible thanks for all this :clap: :bouquet: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing: :sunflower:

It worked on my (volla) phone.
Not that i’ll win annything, i don’t have that kinda luck, but it’s the idea that counts. :slight_smile:

i wish you the best of luck then

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Welcome to the community

Michael :+1:

Tried to enter the giveaway. Clicked on the “Enter the Giveaway” buttons, got the dialog box that asks to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions, checked the box, clicked “Submit”, and then nothing happened.

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thx Michael i appreciate the warm welcome

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It’s the same here. Firefox and Chrome on Linux, with or without ublock, and Firefox on Android. I can click submit but nothing happens.


Much thanks to Justin and the entire team

I am also having the issue where I get the orange submit button but nothing happens when I click it. I tried all the browsers I have on Mac, Windows and Android. There seems to be something going on.


Some people are having a technical issue with the submit button.


Can’t find the entry button? On latest OS on a MacBook. Neither Chrome nor Safari will show me a button. Very confusing. I think this happened the last giveaway as well.