700 Songs Giveaway!

The submit button didn’t do anything until I went to the top of the page and logged in. Then it worked fine.

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I am having the same issue entering the giveaway. I click the checkbox to accept the terms, and click Submit, and nothing happens.

I have the same issue, but I think there is some files missing on the website.

Probably a webdev will be able to figure it out.

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Hey everyone! It’s very important that you email at hello@justinguitar.com to enter the giveaway if you can’t do it from the site, ok? Kris, our developer, is looking into these specific bugs you’re facing, but the Giveaway page seems functional to most users, which is good news.

Please email me, and I’ll ensure you’ve got your chance in the giveaway, even if you can’t enter it using the website button.


Thanks so much for the giveaways! Where could we find the rules?

Same here! Tried to enter many times and the submit button when hit does nothing​:man_shrugging::man_facepalming: