80 song intros, back to back - Incredible playing

Watch Paul Davids do 80 song intros back to back in one hit, from memory, nailing every one with perfect tone.
Apart from being very entertaining watching a master at play, theres likely some good song ideas in there for many.

Cheers, Shane.



The playing, the tone, the memorizing, just incredible.

That was great Shane thanks for the share. I think he did something similar in the past although the one you published is definitely a longer version!

Wow, and he looks like he is having so much fun!

This is another example of practice makes permanent. Amazing. :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing this, just a quick look for now, coming back to this later :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to see Paul Davids jamming with Justin.

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That is very impressive playing and a great memory.

I wonder is he knows any full songs. :smiley: You’re just getting into it and ready to sing and it changes.


He is an excellent teacher and guitarist.