9 Crimes by Damian Rice (cover)

Yeah Rice put together a great song
“Leave me out with the trash” is perfect line

Appreciate the message Boris
Thank you

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That song of his has fascinated me for a couple years. It’s simplistic power on a common emotion

Cheers Dan,
Couldn’t see your thumb for the F, but I mistyped-

I meant the G chord. (That’s the one I’m trying to get used to and looks like it might be much less hand movement on this tune) :smiley:

Nice one Dan and packed with emotion. :+1:

Isn’t music just the best!
Thanks for listening

Great example of how a song with a repetitive chord progression can sound terrific. It’s all about dynamics both in guitar play and in the vocal.
Well done Dan.

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Thanks for listening

Great performance Dan!

Tx for checking it out

Just trying to do his song justice!

I loved it! Really great. Simple and effective playing and the singing is just excellent.

Happy you liked it Jacob

Dan, you play and sing beautifully, and this one is no exception…the gentle repetitive strumming left much space for the vocals which were really full with emotion. Listening to your recordings is always a treat to my ears!

This is one of those great songs, and Damien Rice has a few, that I would never touch due to their flawless perfection. I would basically try and emulate the original and that would run contrary to finding/using my own voice. Off limits for me.

Your version is very listenable and there is a lot to like here. I haven’t read very many of the comments, and I assume they are complimentary, deservedly so. That said, I would suggest slowing it/softening it way down, as well as adding some spaces in the vocal phrases – so that you change dynamics and bring more passion to some of the sections the way that DR does.

Even so, well done and highly listenable. :+1:

That’s kind Silvia
Thanks for listening and the pleasant feedback

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My performer confidence fluctuates so I appreciate the community comments but yours is particularly valuable.

I’ll feel through the song to see how to increase the drama and suspense with a pause.

Thanks for the attention to detail.

Hat’s off for taking a suburb piano piece and re-crafting it for guitar. I failed to point that out earlier and you deserve a ton of credit for that. Here’s his take on guitar. Note that he switches between the flatpick and thumb strums. Incredible dynamics:

It’s always about what a song means to the listener, to me there are probably nine crimes of the same like and kind. :slight_smile: