9 original songs - from ancient to old :)

@brianlarsen Since you were curious in another thread, here are a few original tracks that I’ve been part of creating throughout the years.

Important note - as the title suggest this is old material. Both tone and playing will be significantly worse that what I normally upload. Now you’re all warned! :wink:

This is from back in the days of recording to tape, so there is no DAW, no plugins, no editing. Only the raw tones, captured from whatever old multifx I had at the time, and then mixed down to a final track on a mixing console (setting the levels and EQ). That’s it.

First couple of songs are from around 1995, where we were allowed to borrow a recording studio on some school… and then we got the best we could out of it, sleeping in the room for a few days, and generally having a good time.

And when I say ancient, I mean - I was looking this this at the recording session :slight_smile:

Afraid To Get Near - power ballad / rock song:

The Mark - bluesy tune with some chord twists:

Way Back To Life - Ballad:

Ancient - Live:
Around that same time, this is a live recording from us playing at some pub.

Loosing A Part Of Me - another bluesy track:

Very Old:
Around 1997 we again went into a recording studio, and this time we recorded two tracks that I think turned out a bit better:

Golden Girl:

This Game:

Around 1999 we recorded a short EP, this time with an actual producer and recording engineer to help. We started out with a “pre-demo” recoding day, where we recorded 10 songs live in the studio. Then picked the 3 songs to work on, and recorded them for real. I considered sharing some of the pre-demo recordings, but decided it would be too much. So I’ll only link the 3 final tracks.
The vibe of the songs was very “toned down” this time - that was kind of the way things went around those days, but in hindsight I think these tracks sounds the best, recording wise, but are perhaps stripped down too much and have become a bit boring. But that was what we wanted to try at the time.

So Strong - vocal driven song, acoustic guitars etc…:

Key To Your Mind - this one was actually remixed by some DJ and played a lot at a club… believe it or not…

It’s Over - has some interesting, almost jazzy, chords and passages.


Haha, great minds! :rofl:
I just posted over there now!
I will definitely look forward to dipping into these later on, as I’m sure some others will as well.
Mange tak og hilsen :smiley:

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Well that’s going to be a good few minutes listening this evening ! Better get some brews out of the garage, ready for some vintage Fauerby. Thx for sharing Kasper :+1:

in 1999 I touched my first electric guitar and you were already jamming some sweet songs.

This is good stuff; perhaps a bit ‘vocal up front’ here and there but quality songs AND artists.

Thanks for sharing

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only had time to listen to the first 2 song(yard work weekend) like what I’m hearing. Your singer has a great voice, the whole band is nice and tight. Will listen to the rest over the weekend.

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Wow Kasper, you do yourself a disservice, there is some seriously good music going on here ! It may be a little middle of the road, rock wise, for me but I think back to what was current 25 years ago and this does tick all the soft rock boxes. Loved all nine.

Like Rick said it is really tight and your vocalist is incredible. Great lyrics well delivered and there is some fantastic solo and rhythm work driving along. It all reminds me why I don’t write songs or don’t get very far when I try ! :rofl:

So ok technically you may have moved on and started dabbling in other juicy area, that’s is definitely more up my street but there is consistency in these tracks and a recognisable tone and approach ( maybe not so much the last one jazzy one). But the first 8 all belong together and can be seen as coming from the same source. Great work.

As to old and very old ? Sorry come back in another 25 years and we’ll let you slap that label on. I don’t youngsters today !!

Thanks for sharing.


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Listened to the first one so far (will come back to the others).

First thoughts. You’re critical of your playing and tone but it sounds good. You were playing really well almost 30 years ago - gives a lot of perspective to how well you play these days, how guitar can be a lifelong thing.

Some real fast passages in the solo in that first track (Afraid to get near). 1995 - how long had you been playing at that point, a few years? You look about 17 in that photo.

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Thanks Lieven, coming from you that’s high praise. I know you’re used to being on stage and playing originals as well :wink:

Thanks for checking them out! It’s a lot of songs, so if you really have time to listen to them all that’s great but otherwise I appreciate your ears on whatever you might decide to sample :wink:

Thanks Toby, means a lot to me! I also really liked the writing (songs and lyrics) which I didn’t have much part in. I mainly contributed riffs, solos and such. Much of the writing was keyboard player and singer (I’ll add a bit more in another quoted reply below)…

Thanks for listening and the nice words! Yeah, for me guitar and music really is a lifelong passion. It has gone up and down in intensity for me over the years, but it’s funny for me to think that I’m still doing much the same thing as back then - practicing, learning new things, playing live with a band (not the same one though) - and still I’m enjoying it just as much :slight_smile:

I think I was around 17 or 18 for those early recordings. The keyboard player is my cousin, and the singer his sister… so it was quite a family band. Keyboard player is pretty much exactly my age, but the singer was very young when we started. Around 13 or 14 years or so. We really had no business dragging her with us to play in bars in the early days… and the absolutely only reason they would let her in was because she had to sing. I wonder if it was actually legal for them to do so… (she was not drinking, of course).

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Well deserved praise Kasper. Just a couple of questions spring to mind. Did your cousin sister continue with her singing ? And did the band have a name ?

I’ve said it a few times in the past but keep providing us with inspiration, always great to listen to your “work”.


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Thanks for sharing Kasper. You were already quite an accomplished player to my ears by 17/18. The singer also sounded more mature than one might expect for her age. Did she continue to sing, lots of potential.

The songs also sounded good to me in terms of the arrangements, level of performances, production.

I sample some from the set and can appreciate the quality, even if that style of pop/rock, synth and guitar, is not really my cuppa. But for sure I could imagine many of those songs featuring on radio.

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Hi Kasper,
A forewarning was unnecessary… :sunglasses: :clap:…I have to listen to a few more but it is absolutely amazing and in that zeitgeist you would have definitely been on the radio here, and as far as I am concerned you still are as it is on now as I read and tap this and it’s great … and I also have the questions that Toby has :smile:
Greetings and thank for sharing …or what or what I actually want to say, a shame you didn’t share this sooner, but better late than never :sunglasses:

Would there be anyone who wouldn’t believe it :sunglasses:… I went to listen to the rest and don’t find it getting any easier in my head that a bunch of kids played this :roll_eyes: :clap:

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Hi Kasper, I’ve only listened to some of your original songs so far, but I already have some favorites from the stuff I’ve listened to. I’m just in awe of “Afraid To Get Near”, amazing guitar passages and magical vocal parts of your vocalist, if you are still in touch with her, give her my admiration :slight_smile: !
Time doesn’t matter, such great songs are always relevant!



Sounds pretty impressive to me. I’d say more a different style than less playing ability, although i guess it’s the additional time spent practicing over the years allowed you to play what you play now! In any event, I enjoyed the several I listened to, and agree that the vocalist is great as well.

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Hi Kasper,
The good stuff goes way back! Not surprising mate!

All the best and keep on putting out the great stuff!

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@Kasper Had a chance to finish listening to the rest of the tracks. Really liked them. There are some really well thought out lyrics in there. How long did you stay together as a band?

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Thanks for the nice words! A lot of questions about the singer and fate of the band;

We continued to play, pretty much in the same formation as on these demos, up until 2014. The later years mostly playing covers at weddings and birthday parties. Then the inevitable happened; one by one we started getting small kids, got demanding jobs, moved around in the country… and it became harder and harder to stick together as a band. We continued to play cover gigs for a handful of years after that, often with stand-ins on vocals, bass or drums. And we no longer rehearsed, just met on the day for the gigs.

Unfortunately my singer cousin decided that she could no longer find the time (she even told me, at one point, that she thought she had gotten too old to be playing gigs - which, obviously, is pure nonsense btw :slight_smile: ) but I of course respect her decision to stop, although I still think it’s a big shame.

It’s been quite some years since I last played with any of these guys - but I’m happily out playing gigs with the new band… don’t feel too old to be doing that, not even close :wink:

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Just maybe too old to sport the same hair-style :rofl:


I’m afraid it would need to be a wig these days :smile: Also, pretty sure my wife wouldn’t be too happy….

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Just play her this and say Eric said it would be ok :rofl:

After 46 yrs of marriage, my missus has given up on trying to change me !


A great selection of tracks there Kasper. For ones so young you sound like a really professional outfit. Love the voice of your singing and I can’t believe from the sound of her voice that she was so young.

There is a real Yacht rock sound to the songs. A bit of a Young gun, silver fox, vibe.

I like how you were rocking the Hanson look a couple of years before they’d even turned up on the scene. :wink:

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