9 - Sunny Afternoon Acoustic (Siff's "Grade 3 "10 Song Set" Rehearsals")

Continuing the “exam rehearsals” from my last thread, here an acoustic cover of Sunny Afternoon:

Again I feel I could do it way better on a better day, some hiccups in the text and chords, and the singing and tempo get a bit out of hand.
Still posting as I’m eager to progress. But also to realize and work on my weaknesses for more consolidation.

Tried another more casual angle for the video this time. Any feedback is welcome.


Hey Siff, I play this one too so I’m quite familiar with it. I reckon this tune is all about the swing rhythm, 7th chords and that descending bassline. It looks like your fingers are getting lost sometimes, I’d encourage you to play it really slowly until your fingers know absolutely where to go automatically.


Hey Marcel, firstly you are making progress in the course fast, just need to slow down a bit to give the muscle memory time to embed those chords. The kinks was one of the bands that got me into music. When I first moved down to London their local pub where they first got started was one of my locals. So that was a bit of a trip down memory lane. @jkahn is bang on the money about this tune being a swimg rhythm. I know your keen to progress but if you enjoy playing and singing the song (which it looked like you did) I’d highly recommend playing along with the original as you progress. JK has been keeping me on the straight and narrow as I’ve been learning the guitar and I’d highly recommend taking his advice fully onboard as it will only make you better.


Keep doing what you are doing, Marcel, and you’ll keep progressing. Good suggestions made to help that process of progressing.

A thought that springs to mind as I listen is to suggest playing with a slightly lighter touch. Sounds like you really dig in (though maybe that is just how the recording sounds).

Keep at it!

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Thanks, guys for checking it out and for the input.

I often practice this song in the “Repertoire Revision” and “Play along great records” sections already. Will continue revising it slower to get better and cleaner muscle memory. I will try to play more to the recording to get the swing feel, dynamics, and tempo closer.

Thanks for listening. In this recording I ramped up the dynamics too much I reckon.
I often have a hard time separating voice and guitar. So when I go intense on voice I go too intense on guitar. And when the guitar walks and I should stay steady in the voice, I walk with it.

Performing without experience and the nerves of filming attenuate the weak points which I didn’t even know. Not bad, just a bit disheartening when just a month ago when still playing in parks and outside it seemed so easy and fun. The next step is to find a place to jam and of course, some jam buddies to work on that performance aspect and having someone keeping you straight.

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Hey, Marcel. This is the first post of yours I’ve caught. I thought, “Oh, he’s fun to watch.” I enjoyed your performance. I went and watched some of your previous posts too. I noticed you and I have a few of the same songs on our Set Lists from Justin’s Beginner Course.

You are progressing fast. I’m excited for you. I’ll be watching for more soon. Keep ‘em coming! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hi Pamela. Nice to meet you! :raised_hands:

Thank you for the kind words. Happy that the fun comes through, even if it’s technically not very refined, I like to try to play with emotion anyway.

Cool to hear you chose some of the same songs. All but one song are from Justin’s Beginner Books, based on the old course I think.

This particular song with slash chords and basslines seemed too much at first, but it’s fun to practice relatively early.

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I found that very entertaining, you made me smile this morning :+1:t2:
Some good advice already given, so keep practicing :wink:

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Hi Marcel, that was a pretty cool cover with some really nice energy in your playing/singing.
One little thing I noticed was the fretting hand slightly hesitating during some changes (maybe because I read it in the first comment from JK :slight_smile: )… and they’ve given you some nice tips for that already.
But nevertheless, I still thought it was an enjoyable performance all round. Keep it up mate

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I really enjoyed that Marcel.
Looks like you were having a real good time too. Very cool.
That’s the kinda song that is. A fun song.

Cool, ya did some Kinks too. My first time seeing them covered here. Way cool as I’m a real big ‘Kinks’ fan.

Thanks for sharing and keep on ‘Rockin’ Man.

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I enjoyed that Marcel and you could tell what it was from the start. Great advice about as well and remember, play along with the original, that should help with your timings.

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