A bit of improvisation!

Done some more, please excuse the clumsy cut off and the screwed up visuals, I just don’t understand how it happened :laughing:, some of these Apps are getting beyond me!

All I’ve done really is rejigged a few of the riffs keeping the basic rhythm the same, it’s on a loop.



Rock on! Any problems with he videos are irrelevant given the magnificent control you have of the music. Energy, drive, rhythm and bang on the beat. Really good.


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Great to hear you rocking out again, Darrell, great riffs and tones. Enjoyed your slideshow as well

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Darrell, I was so excited to see a post from you in AVOYP after what…2 or 3 years since you got sick if I remember correctly.

And what a comeback it is! Great stuff. Keep 'em coming!

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@beejay56 @DavidP @glpguitar
Thanks Brian and David, it’s been great fun doing this, I’ve learned a lot about loops and how to blend things together, OK I still only use GarageBand but hey it’s free and it works for me! The other fun part is playing with these effects that I’ve not really used before, the Zyvex fuzz factory clone is really wicked! I researched it and found it’s what Matt Bellamy of Muse used to have built in to his Tele style Manson guitars (he now owns Manson); it’s opened up a very different sonicscape to me!
glpguitar, yes it’s been a long while and a bit of a rocky road but in the end I managed to get back into things again. It’s been like learning to play again but this time I decided to just do my own thing to put to use the things I know into a creative outlet, I’m not learning songs anymore I’m creating something new and different. I’m also not putting any time scales for doing things, it’s going to take as long as necessary to get what I want from it. Basically it’s about not being under any stress, stress is my nemesis - it’s what makes me ill.

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Darrell, you’ve got a great start for a future song or composition.
Cool equipment and, as a result, cool sound.
Please continue!

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