A bit of my music I’ve made since I’ve been here

There’s so many new people on here who I interact with who’ve never heard any of my music before I became ill, I upload it to Soundcloud just before Christmas but in the fuss forgot about it. When I logged in to see Croc and Mike’s track I found what I’d done so I thought it would be nice to share it all because there’s lots of you who’ve not heard anything from me yet.

https://on.soundcloud.com/eFZdT Tears in the rain Joe Satriani

https://on.soundcloud.com/S4hAe Need your love so bad Peter Green

https://on.soundcloud.com/c1Kb2 Stairway to heaven solo Jimmy Page

https://on.soundcloud.com/KU8Ew Plug in baby Muse

https://on.soundcloud.com/V5bzi Kashmir intro Jimmy Page

Hope you all like what I’ve done in the past.
I shall soon try to get something new done things health wise have improved a lot!


Hi Darell, sorry to hear about your health issues but nice to hear something you’ve played, as I didn’t before. I liked your playing very much, seems as if you’re doing great and have a lot of experience. Great tone on the second one, which I like most. Hope to hear more very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Darrell,
Thanks for sharing,
I hadn’t heard these before… super great, really beautiful and all the superlatives for beautiful you can think of :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing: :bouquet:
And a pity that this belongs to the past for you (I was aware of that)… and thats almost worthless crapy and all the other much harder words that come with it and can think of :frowning_face:
Greetings …

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I’d heard your plug in baby cover before but not the other stuff. Always good to hear other community members play to get some context!

Great playing. I hope your health stays good now.

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Very nice Darrell, love the picking you do and Kashmir has long since been a favourite of mine, but the string quartet version. Still very well done.


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Need Your Love So Bad is my favorite, and thank you for this superb recording.
Stay well, and keep healthy!!!
Great to hear that your are recovering.
Lovely recordings!

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Hey Darrell
Thanks for sharing these and look forward to hearing more! I especially love Kashmir!
(I might need to get myself a Soundcloud account)
Best wishes health-wise! Stay well

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Bravo, Darrell. I’ve always enjoyed listening to your music, overcoming your particular set of challenges (as we all do). Glad you’ve posted this so others who weren’t around at the time of original posting can enjoy your music, add that to the appreciation of you as a regular, long-term, always encouraging and supportive member.


Loved them all. :clap::clap::clap:

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Hi Darrell,
this is the first piece of you I listened to. You once shared it in one of my posts. I hope you don’t mind I’m linking it here as it is so beautiful that really deserves to be shared again :blush:

I’m enjoying your acoustic fingerstyle now, it sounds so smooth and it always seems like a confident player is playing it!

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Nice playing.

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Five cracking recordings there Darrell. I think my favourite was, Need you love so bad.

Glad to read that your health is improving and I hope you’re back playing soon.

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