A chat with my Grandson

I picked my grandson, Oliver, up from school today and he came back home with me before his mum picked him up. I am still working from home in the back bedroom which is where I also keep my guitar gear. Anyway I went back to work and a few minutes later Oliver appeared and started to tell me about his day at school and that he had been playing electric and bass guitar. I asked if he had been strumming chords but no it was basically making sounds (or as much racket) from the guitar. Then he came out with ‘who’s that man who plays a right handed guitar left handed?’ I have to say I was pretty surprised at this as had no idea where the question came from!! He then asked if he could play one of my electrics at which point I plugged one in and left him to it. He was making all sorts of noises, trying different pickups, volume up, volume down, plastic tubes up and down the neck and generally have a great time!! Told him he can come back any time to play. He’s 9 so hopefully he may get the bug.



If he is talking a left handed playing an upturned righty guitar, good chance he is talking Hendrix which is pretty cool for a 9 year old in this day and age. If he says can we get lighter fluid and torch your guitar then its certainly JH who has the fluence on him !!

But hey there are others. I suggest you get down to his school, find his teacher and chew the fat. Man has his head screwed on.




@Stuartw Very cool! Hope he gets the bug

There was an Australian artist now known as Dr G Yunupingu since his death in 2017 who played a right handed guitar left handed. Prior to his death he was known as Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu or simply as Gurrumul. It’s considered disrespectful now to name him as such, my apologies to his people.

He was born blind, and when he was handed a right handed guitar, he held it left handed not knowing anything different. He played that way for the rest of his life.

Who knows Stuart, you may have lit a fire and next birthday your grandson will want a guitar just like gdads. What fun it would be jamming with him.

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Heartwarming story, Stuart, thanks for sharing.

Pretty sure that h is referring to Hendrix. No idea where that came form. And yes I drew the line at lighter fluid!

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Thanks for that. Respect to someone who can play being blind. I have enough trouble without that!

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Who knows. I have a spare electric and small amp and it’s his birthday next month!

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