A custom badge that matters

I know much as been written about these various badges. Doesn’t seem to be something that folk here are valuing.

But many did enjoy and appreciate the use of ‘Good Vibes’ on the old Forum.

I wonder, would it be possible to create a customer ‘Good Vibes’ badge here, that could be awarded by one member to another, and set up so the badge could be received multiple times.

Or maybe even ‘Good Vibes’ was an unnecessary feature of the Forum and Replies that show appreciation and acknowledgement is really all we need here, to ensure a steady supply of dopamine.

David isn’t that what the little Heart :heart: beside reply is for?
If your going to have the Heart and Good Vibe. You may as well add Joy Good
and A Pat on the Back.

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I agree with @stitch you can see how many likes given and received so it’s just like good vibes really

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We seem to be resurrecting issue we flag in testing that have been since been solved or understood. Not sure why these Dec 21 post are coming back as if new ? @LievenDV ??

I’ve been doing a big chunck of maintenance on the issues category.

It is the only section that uses tags for prio’s and categorisation of these items.
Since the labels changed, the forum seems to interpret them as updates.

I didn’t really desired that.
I Did some research and others seem to have an issues with that but no real solvers for now.

@LievenDV can you delete these old posts, seems every time you or Richard do anything
on these old post they pop up as new.

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