A digital piano to explore music from an extra angle

The more I do things in and with music, the more it seems to be working for me instead of against me. My not follow a bit of the instinct while we only live once?

I can’t practice guitar while everybody is a asleep and I always wanted to explore the piano, so I went ahead and bought a digital piano with midi capabilities. Some part of me always wanted to delve deeper into chord work in a more linear fashion.

It was a “b stock” item (a returned piece) and I had a gift voucher which knocked of a fair deal of the price as well.

I blame Nick Cave, Paul Simon and Belgian artist Kris De Bruyne :stuck_out_tongue:

I want for 61 key yet compact device, good feel for price, to use as a midi controller but also with decent standalone sounds with keys that aren’t too loud when played.

Roland GO-61P

This bring my instrumentarium to

  • vocals
  • guitars
  • bass guitar
  • “a step beyond beginner” harmonica
  • some basic drumming
  • noobie piano :smiley:

Have fun with that Lieven!

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Nice piece of kit Lieven, have fun with it!
We’ve got a Kawai digital piano in the house that my wife plays, I often go and explore a few ideas that I have on it!

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Happy New Keyboard Day Lieven!! I learned piano as a youngster, got to grade 2 if I remember right, would be fun to reacquaint myself at some point!

Nice, I hope you have fun! :slight_smile: I bought a keyboard myself a year or so ago. Like guitar, it was an instrument that I briefly explored as a kid, but never pursued as an adult. Justin gave me a good excuse to get one when he suggested that learning basic piano could enhance understanding of music, which would aid with guitar too.

Admittedly I haven’t done much with it yet though. When I get the urge for music I always reach for a guitar. It’s hard going back to being a total noob on one instrument when I have another on which I can actually play songs.

Hi Lieven,
Happy NdigitalPD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
(I had to tap digitally in full :speak_no_evil:)…

I wish you a lot of extra fun to be able to play,… :sunglasses:

Nice! Once my music room is set up I’m going to be investing in a keyboard.

Please let us know how you get on with it. It looks pretty cool.

My first recording:

I’m pleased with the result of 45 minutes of learning piano EVER!

I’m a guitarst and I applied my knowledge of major chords and my ear.

did something aorund the theme of Ship Song by Nick Cave
In the key of C of course :stuck_out_tongue: (all white keys)

Left hand doing some chords and right hand aiming for a melody.
“1-3-5” and jup, there is a major triad
I - V - IV - I - V … that doing the pattern on those number of the scales.

Then the bridge had something interesting evolving around a Am expanding upward and downward.

This is the Roland Go:Piano into the piano plugin on my MOD Devices Dwarf, a bit of reverb and into the recorder. Afterwards some compression in Reaper to bring up levels.


Wow, quite amazing for first 45 minutes of piano! Your other knowledge must have carried across quite well.

I think Paul McCartney said in the Get Back documentary, when he was in front of the piano with someone (Ringo? Can’t remember) that every piece of music ever written was accessible on those keys.

I’ve never played piano, maybe one day. We have a small one in the house my daughter practices on.

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That’s really cool, congratulations :slight_smile: I can see in the specs that there are also electric piano, organ and other tones available. How do you like those? I have been toying with the idea of adding some sort of keyboard to my arsenal, but I think they would have 60 or 87 keys too many for me in the beginning.

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the onboard sounds are ok and the reverb suits my reverb addiction.
The organ sounds are ok too.
Haven’t really much tried the other stuff but it seems all “more than good enough but no wow-amazing”.

This osund was actually achieved with my MOD Devices Dwarf, which can handle vocals, guitar and also has MIDI inputs (classic trs and usb) .

You can create patches and wire them as you like
Here is a simple layout with a piano, reverb, master gain control and a stereo recorded.

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I really like the look of the Dwarf, and its legacy appeals to me too.

I can’t really justify it at the moment though.

What’s the looper on it like?



Does it have weighted keys? I love love love my electric piano. It has none of the headaches that a regular piano has. Can plug in my headphones. Built in metronome. Mine is not portable but looks like yours might be. So many good features. And will last many many years. Congrats!

45 minutes in and that was very cool stuff Lieven.

It’s going to be interesting to see how good you are sounding in 6 months time. :slight_smile: