A few simple feature requests

Just a few requests for future updates. :slight_smile:

  1. Make autoplay a toggle. It’s annoying when you select a song and have to stop it each time just to change the tempo, or check out the strumming pattern.

  2. Make auto-next-song in playlists a toggle. It’s a learning app, so sometimes people want to keep practicing one song without it jumping to the next.

  3. Allow us to reorder our list of playlists, like we can reorder songs within a playlist.

  4. Add a filter that shows only songs that have full backing tracks and vocals. It can be a bit frustrating when you have to click on every individual song to find out if it has the above or not. (I’m not really interested in playing along with the basic songs.)

Thanks and keep up the good work. :+1:t2:


Thanks for the suggestions, Goffik

@MusopiaApps @Musopia FYI


Thank you so much for your feature requests and suggestions!

We are already planning to remove the autoplay feature if a song is selected from favourites but we intend to keep it for all other playlists so people can practice setlists they have learnt easily. We hope to introduce this in an update coming very soon!

Your other suggestions regarding reordering playlist songs and adding a filter to see which songs have full backing tracks/vocals are excellent ideas and we’ll let our tech team know about them to see if anything can be done to introduce these to the app. Please note we are a small team of developers and cannot promise that they’ll be actioned soon but we’ll try our best to ensure that the songplayer and features in the app are as customisable/personalised as possible!

Hope this helps and keep on rocking! :metal:


Thanks for the feedback; greatly appreciated.

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Thanks @Goffik and thanks @MusopiaApps for the spot on and speedy response. :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks for the response and consideration @MusopiaApps. It’s great to see a developer so responsive to customer feedback. :sunglasses:

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