A few songs off of my soundcloud i may redo on video

Hey guys i was listening to some of my soundcloud and man its impressive!! On some of them i dont know how i did it lol. I wouldnt mind figuring out how i did some of these and redo them!

Heres a couple of them.

Anyone have any thoughts by chance? :grin: Would be hard for me to transcribe though lol.

I remember listening to all the songs you posted on SC back in those days, Bytron … always so good.

I guess the trick when you reach a point is to have a songbook with notes, like your own version of Justin’s songbooks, so you can easily refresh on songs as your repertoire gets large.

Perhaps rather than figuring out, just re-learn the songs in the way you always do. Sure things will fall into place quickly enough.

Thanks David! Yeah thats what i will prolly have to do!!! :slight_smile: