A fun song - Viking Funeral

Here’s a song I recorded in our RV caravan, bit of fun and frivolity for your day.


You’re playing so well Tony, such clean fretting and picking. Lovely tones. Your compact recording studio is serving you well.

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Great tune. Catchy progression and fun lyrics. I guess vikings earned a lot pillaging to cover all the costs of true viking funeral. Very solid performance and cool tones. Take care :slight_smile:

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@batwoman @Zlybilly Thanks so much. It is a fun song,

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Really enjoyed that song- Well played and sung.
I love a bit of humour and it’s always extra special when you have a connection to the song or artist :smiley:
You sing that you are finding it difficult to source a Viking ship for your funeral. I might be able to help you with that-
Some years ago, my younger brother and I undertook a road trip in Denmark to rediscover our Danish roots. Our grandparents/parents owned a house on Roskilde Fjord, where the famous Viking ship museum stands and there’s a thriving Viking boat crafting centre in the harbour.
Over a couple of bottles of wine and a pack of cigarettes, we watched the sun go down over the fjord and hatched out his retirement plan for 5 years later, when he would buy a Harley, move to Roskilde and learn how to build a longboat (paying the craftsmen in crates of beer). He would then take his newly acquired skills back to France and build a longboat in his garage. His wife’s uncle owns the medieval castle next door and he planned to sail it in the lake in the castle grounds. We used to joke he (or my mum) could then have a genuine Viking funeral there :laughing:

Life never works out as you plan and he passed away 3 years ago. His funeral was in the castle. Who knows, perhaps he’s in Valhalla as I type, joining in the daily battles and working on that boat at the end of the day?

Cheers for the memories and here’s where you get your boat:



That was really good Tony, really dig the quality of your recording. Well done!

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Nice and catchy! well played Tony I enjoyed that.

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Well done, Tony. The lyrics had me smiling. :slight_smile:

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Hi Tony. Loved everything about that. The lyrics, the way you played it and the guitar tone were all great. Its one i’ll be listening to again. Thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Well played and sung, Tony, brought a smile to my face.

I know you are paying some attention to recording/production. The tone and balance good to my ears. I’d have preferred it if you’d cleaned up the vocal track and cut or lowered some of the lip-noises.

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@brianlarsen Thanks so much. My best friend in my late teens and onwards was a Norwegian guy.

I was thinking maybe a much smaller (i.e. affordable) boat to carry my ashes out to the ocean, although that would be a hard target to hit with a flaming arrow.

@adi_mrok @Rossco01 @J.W.C @Tim_Wilson

Thanks all, really appreciate the kind words

Thanks @DavidP - appreciate your input. For this song I deliberately didn’t do any production. It was recorded straight to the SD card on my zoom h5 with the xy mics. I fiddled a bit with the positioning of the mic so the guitar and vocals were close enough.

I’ve historically been an attention to detail sort of guy and am fascinated by how much you can accomplish within a DAW in that regard and by how such an attention to detail isn’t interesting me at this stage. I’m in awe of what many do with the capabilities of modern DAW software.

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:rofl::rofl: That was very clever. I don’t know why but this kept coming to me in the chorus. Feel free to add it to the last time you sing it, or not.

…with a flaming arrow to the chest. Well I don’t have to say anymore because you know the rest.

Catchy and funny Tony. That was well played and sung. :smiley:

@sah22 Scott, I like that, will try it out, @sairfingers thanks

This is so good…love this tune, put a smile to my face on this cold Canadian day.

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I loved it, well done! And the lyrics are great, fun to listen to :blush:

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@SandyMusic @Heatherxx Thanks so much

Great song Tony, loved your playing and singing. An amusing little tale to boot ! :sunglasses:

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