A funky groove

Hi Guys. Not been on here for a while, busy with the new job, and decorating, not my most favourite thing. I have been learning some new solos, mainly comfortably numb, and jamming to different styles of backing tracks on YouTube. Below is a link to the first one i have recorded, and a link to the backing track.

Listen to A Funky Groove.mp3 by Ross on #SoundCloud

Link to backing track:


Most enjoyable, loved the tone Ross

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He Ross,
That’s a lot to like, :sunglasses:
And I have no idea whether you have personal objections to YouTube, but I do know that it is a lot more fun for me and many here if there is also an video that we can look at …
Hopefully my wish is your command :grin:
Good luck and fun with the new job :sunglasses: and decorating :sweat_smile:

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That’s very groovy, Ross. Sounds really cool :sunglasses::+1::clap:.
A second vote from my side for a video next time. I’d like to see the Maestro in action :innocent::grin:.

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Thanks David

Thanks Roger. It is just easier to record sound as i only have my phone and a tablet, and not sure inflicting videos of me on the world would be a good thing lol

Thanks Nicole. Please see my other reply about videos. I might get round to it sometime. And maestro is pushing it lol

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