A Gibson Les Paul for $1500: the Les Paul Modern Lite

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Interesting. It has the same specs as the Epiphone Les Paul Muse but for an extra ~£800 the headstock says Gibson and you get better pickups (ok and slightly different neck profile).
Good deal… Not (imho).

Nice Les Paul. Pretty colors too. But out of my price range. + I don’t think I play guitar good enough to warrant a $1500 price tag.
When I get to be a great player. Which I may or may not achieve, perhaps I’ll consider one. By then maybe I’ll have the bread…
Or, perhaps my taste will have changed by then too and I won’t want or need a Les Paul… Time will tell…
For now, I’ll stick with what I got. Besides, what I got now suites me fine and they’re already paid for… :wink:

Same for me. But just a few days ago I tried a guitar without knowing the price tag and I enjoyed so much playing it… Then I figured it was a £1300 guitar. Not sure how much of that is because it was a signature model (as it turned out) or because it had something else that was special… But as I said, it played really nicely, even in my hands!
It got me thinking.

Higher end guitars often do play better, but may not be worth the cost. A good set up on a decent lower end guitar may be fine, especially for us beginners.

Cost/value is highly personal, though. I like nicer guitars but hate paying a lot and prefer to feel I “got a deal”. So I have leaned towards used guitars. Get more bang for the buck. $700-800 for a used one of these sounds more reasonable to me.

The high price of American made guitars has more to do with American wages and cost of doing business in the US. Yes Gibson uses better pick-ups, a higher quality of wood than Epiphone but it also pays it’s employees an American Wage.
That being said Epiphones are very well built and good value option to Gibson. I own 2 Gibson and one Epiphone acoustics and there is nothing wrong with the Epi.

I can’t argue this at all. I’ve played a friends Gibson LP Std (like 2010 model), part of why I started looking into getting one for myself and ended up buying an Epiphone LP Std 60’s and honestly it plays as well as the gibson, pickups are a tiny bit smoother on the gibson, but there’s about $2k separating them in price. not worth it to me. to some it might be, so if you got the extra ching and you want the gibby then go for it!!!

Same as anything, you’re paying some for the brand name, the made in usa etc