A guitar journey

So after many years of not playing (and having only played classical guitar), I decided to fulfil an ambition I’ve had since I was a kid (40 years ago), and get myself an electric guitar. I got a nice Les Paul, which I played happily for many months, began learning more or less from scratch with Justin Guitar, and got myself one of those Spark modelling amps, which is great, and excellent for learning with.
Over time I’ve given in, and admitted that what I really want is to be able to play Queen songs. So a quest began to a) learn the songs and b) sound right. Thus began a whole quest to find that Brian May sound. Turns out its sort of possible using a Les Paul and a Spark, but much more convincing (and fun - definitely louder) using a BMG Red Special, and a Vox AC-30. No modelling, or effects, just a guitar, a treble booster pedal and an AC-30. The range of sounds that this can produce is amazing, and finally I’ve found my happy place. Now to get better at it, and having tried actual guitar tutors, and other online methods, I’ve realised that Justin is genuinely the best way I’ve found to learn to do that.


That’s looks quite the collection Steve :crown: :metal:

I’ve been made to promise that this is it though. Someone gave me the strat copy, the LP is my first nice guitar, and the other one is a Gibson Jimmy Page LP that was going to be the last guitar I ever got, until the Red Special, which is a really nicely built guitar, and so far, my favourite.

Did you get the haircut too?

Gratz on the gear looks nice, the ac30 is a sweet amp

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Yeah right. Cue Mission Impossible music (the old TV show !!)

Nice set up and collection Steve.

Well you certainly found the right place and right teacher in Justin. Never too late to live your dream, just needs the application of some good old elbow grease. Can’t beat an AC30 and the BMG looks sweet.

Keep us posted on your journey.



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Ha, I should get the wig. Yeah the AC30 tone is like nothing else. How BM isn’t deaf I don’t know.

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I know. I didn’t mention the 2 classical guitars (one was my dad’s, its 60 years old now) and a semi acoustic that are on the other wall. Pretty sure that my wife will kill me if I get any more. Yeah am working at the playing - its as much about confidence as anything but having a guitar that I can’t put down is a real help. Next milestone is going to be when I am brave enough to record myself playing.


Do this, you dont have to publish, its a great tool listening and watching yourself play something

Nice setup Steve! I look forward to hearing some classic Queen from you in the (hopefully not too distant) future. :wink: