A Hello From Me and Hello to the Strumming Machine

Hello Everyone,

My name is Richard, I’m from Greater London and in my mid 40’s. I’ve been learning with Justin for just over a year now. I made some half-hearted attempts at a band with friends in my late teens, but to be honest we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing and I didn’t have the discipline or dedication to practice properly back then.

Life happened, and I now have a family with 2 kids, full-time job and all the obligations and pressures that brings. I came back to music just over a year ago after being off work for a couple of weeks with a back problem. It was the best thing that could have happened - funny how such positives can come out of difficult situations. I feel some regret at not coming back to music much sooner, but I take positives in learning from that and I am thankful that I have found my way back to this path eventually, it has really given me a new lease of life. Justin’s work is a huge part in that, and I am thankful to him and everyone involved and contributing to this place.

So I’m about a year in, I’m learning guitar and piano and absolutely loving it. It’s hard to make much time with young kids and work, but I manage to get about 90 minutes a day in, usually in the evening, dividing it between the 2 instruments and trying to learn a bit about using a Digital Audio Workstation.

I haven’t posted before, I am quiet and self-conscious by nature and generally tend to feel I’m not up to scratch with my playing and musical knowledge by comparison with others. But I’m enjoying it so much, I wanted to connect and share the experience with other people, hence my first post. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their musical journey as much as I am (with all the challenges and bumps in the road that come with it).

I also wanted to give some credit to the strumming machine. I recently took the JG survey and commented that when it first came on and I tried it, it seemed a bit stilted in rhythm and tempo. The question in the survey prompted me to try it again, and I have to say I’m so impressed. Either I was doing something wrong first time round, or it has been significantly improved and polished. It’s great fun, really helping me with learning and practicing strumming patterns, and also really helping me to nurture creative ideas. Also, the way it is cross-referenced with the presets and beginner strumming lessons is superb. A great addition to what is already an incredible website.

So, thanks for reading if you’re still with me; I’m hoping to be able to make a bit of time to spend on the forums here, and looking forward to connecting with some of you.

Take care and happy playing,



Welcome along Richard, yeah I like to steal an hour or so for myself too if I can.

Keeps me happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum Richard

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Hi Rich - good to have you here.

I doubt there’s anyone on this forum who doesn’t feel a bit like that from time to time. I know you know this, but comparison with others is a joy-killer - We are all here to enjoy guitar, learn and get better than we were last week - nothing else matters.


Welcome to the community Richard.
Stick close to Justins lessons mate and reach out here anytime.

No need to stress over this mate in any way. We all began on the same day - Day 1. And we’re all on the same road, helpin’ each other out along the way.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks for the warm welcome Paul, appreciate you taking the time to reply. You’re right, comparing ourselves to others doesn’t help much. It seems like a very positive and encouraging space here, with lots of people sharing knowledge and tips. I’m looking forward to getting into the community section, I think it adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

Cheers, Rich

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Thanks for the welcome and encouragement Shane, I appreciate you taking the time to post this. Good to be a part of such a supportive community!

Cheers, Rich

Hello Rich & welcome!!!
I’m so glad to hear that music is enriching your life! Guitar has really helped me through some rocky spots in life and can be the “calm in the storm” for sure! Echoing what Paul & Shane said above, don’t sweat how you’re doing compared to others, just soak up knowledge, hone your skills & keep it fun!!! When you’re having fun and feeling the joy in your own musical journey, it’s a really great time!!!
Good luck!!!


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Hello rich, you art alone I don’t know what’s the hardest learning guitar or using the forum I’m to old to understand this site but I keep trying so come on in its good cheers

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Hey Rich, welcome to the community, that’s a stellar effort and so glad to hear you are loving it. Look forward to hearing more from you

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Hi Richard, welcome to the community forum.

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Welcome to the community forum Richard!

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Richard, thanks for message about the strumming machine. I had missed the news that this has been added to the tools. It looks like a great addition to the Justin Guitar website.

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Hi Rich
welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Glad to hear you’re loving your music journey, you’re in the right place here :smiley:
90 minutes a day is awesome!

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Thanks! It’s hard to keep up with the 90 mins every day to be honest, but I just about manage it most days. I wrote myself a practice schedule for guitar and piano, and it does seem to be helping me to focus, rather than just playing whatever I feel like at the time. My progress is slow, I don’t have great natural dexterity, but I’m moving forwards. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Haha, yeah, I’m getting a bit lost navigating the forum as well! I think I posted in the wrong place to begin with, but not to worry. Thanks for the post, appreciate it.

no probs and honestly I am the same its the moving around and where exactly to post what that gets me

Hi Richard,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of playing :sunglasses:

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Hi Richard, welcome. Good you came back to music and you are sticking with it. Good also you’re managing to learn two musical instruments at the same time. Quite a few here are in the same train. Have fun.

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