A Kyllswitch birthday bash on the lake!

So our Hawg’s Pen show led to this private show on a very nice lake. A birthday party. We played with another band, the Dave Berry Brothers. They rocked. They were an awesome three piece blues band. Here’s a bit of their set.

There was another band there too but they were just so dang entertaining to watch because they were mostly a trainwreck that I forgot to record anything. But! their bassist was so friendly and such a nice guy and so DRUNK, he asked me to diagnose his bass when no sound was coming out before his set. The battery was dead but he was way too drunk to find a replacement let alone functional enough to put it in, so I put a battery in for him and let him lose. He was dancing against the PA speakers, stumbling, playing on his knees, attempting tapping and just utterly, comically failing with the greatest amount of raw enthusiasm that you could imagine. He just just threw his bass over his shoulder and let it land in the sand once he was done. I made a new friend, lol I thought they were really awesome in a punk kind of way. By the way the drunk bassist is the guy seen at the end of the Dave Perry set walking onto the stage with the off-key harmonica.

Then there was our part, we played close to three hours straight, fun was had, the crowd was really good because they weren’t in a bar, they were there to see the show specifically and that was a new, different crowd. Felt good. We had no set list, we just played.

Early song in the show, not perfect but a good panoramic view of the location. Just beautiful.

We’re Not Gonna Take It:

My personal favorite song to play because it’s just so fun to play and one we’ve been practicing for almost a year now:

Two Minutes to Midnight:

Here’s the full list of recordings from the day:

Enjoy, I had a blast. There was a club owner there that wants us for some future shows, I heard probably 5 future shows back at the Hawg’s Pen starting as early as next week. We’ll see, fingers crossed.

Enjoy! Rock out!


Great gig John - 3 hours too - wow! :sunglasses:

Well done John :metal:

Hi John,

That looks an awesome show. What a setting.
The Dave Berry band was great - vocalist has a brill voice.

You and the boys rocking out some Twisted Sister was great fun. Suited your vocalist best I think.
Checked out some of the other tunes.
Megadeth - awesome
And I love Motley, so, great to hear several tracks getting an airing.

Rocking the dream.


Thanks guys. Digger, that means a lot.

In my opinion the Motley and AC/DC are our roughest. In both cases the vocals are extremely high. The Crue and the Twisted Sister are the newest adds to the show so the least practiced. They will get better.

Loved the guitar work on Two Minutes to Midnight!!!

3 hours?!

You and the drummer are a SOLID rhythm section sir, keeping this up and tight for so long.

Great job; like to see you at work; immersed, focussed, with a ton of mojo just standing there being a quality bassist. Respect

Wow John, what a great read this was. I’ll come back later to watch and listen. You and your band are taking mighty strides. So glad for you. Thanks for looking after your drunk bassist bro too :laughing:

Hi John,
Great music at an amazing location…I would have loved to have been there :sunglasses:

Ah John, the solid bedrock that separates us all from that fiery place… :metal: :sunglasses::metal: :fire:
You kylled it!
Now- off to eBay to look for a cheap harmonica… :rofl:

I enjoyed your sets John and what a fantastic location to do a gig but 3 hours, wow! that is some going. Congratulations on the future bookings as well.

I enjoyed the Dave Berry band as well. Though I felt it didn’t really need the harmonica. :smiley:

Sounded like a great show and got some great feedback from the audience. Venue is a stunning place to play. Some great work there.

Great stuff John… sounds like you guys had a blast.
“Girls Girls Girls” brought back memories of my brother and I watching some old music videos on VHS, because our dad used to record a lot of stuff off Rage (aussie music tv show) back in the day :rofl:

Thanks everyone!

Leiven Thanks! Our practice/shows tend to end the same, the drummer ready to hang it up and the guitarist and I pushing him for one more song, then another, then another. He’s in another band as well but he’s a machine. He has his own personal tech/roadie in his brother. Those two are a team.

Dro_1 We get really good reactions to the Motley Crue. I personally wasn’t expecting that but now that I know they’ll probably be keepers I will have to spend more time practicing them.

Rossco01 It was so beautiful there, great tree canopy and right on the lake so it was sunny but cool all day. There were people from all around the lake bringing their boats over to watch from the water.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen!

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