A la nanita nana practice by dobleA (and Laura)

I played and sang A la nanita nana with my daughter Laura for the JG Xmas Bash 2022.

I would like to share the audio I recorded during our practice the night before that has a different sound that the sound that went out through Streamyard (main suspect: the Noise Cancellation may have been on during the streaming).

A la nanita nana

A la nanita nana is a Christmas carol in Spanish first published in 1904 (I said nineteenth century during the show, almost there).


Thanks for sharing your dry run recording Andres, certainly as enjoyable as on the night. Clarity and balance were spot on for this one, so I share your frustration that it was not quite the same on the night, These things happen (I’ve had a few) but you learn things and hope its going to better the next time. Lovely duet !


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Very enjoyable Andrés. I guess that’s the problem sometimes when relying on technology, it just let’s you down.

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