A massive thank you to Justin and his team

As we approach Christmas I just wanted to show my appreciation for Justin, his team and the amazing learning facility they have created here.
It’s been an amazing journey for me this year.
I won’t bore you all with my back story but suffice to say I have made huge gains in both my skill level and understanding of music.

Thank you Justin and team.

Onwards and upwards into 2022!
Let the journey continue :grin::guitar:


Thanks Strummer.
Justin and his team do amazing work and work relentlessly with him to realise his dreams of ‘teaching the world to play’ through his courses, lessons, website, app and more.
Here’s to onwards and upwards in 2022.

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I know you’re an integral part of the team Richard and your knowledge and input are of immense value.
I’ve achieved things I never thought possible and my confidence has been given a real lift.
I’ve got my goals for next year and can’t wait to get stuck in!
Happy Xmas to you and your family :christmas_tree::santa::snowman::guitar:


Yes indeed! A great xmas to all.

That’s an amen from me !

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He does. He must be tired of this noob posting in the wrong place as he seems to move my posts even though i do try to post in the right place.

Ive been here a few weeks and so far made more progress than in the few years i tried to play in my late teens

Look above richard. See the quote. I did not forget. This old dog can learn new tricks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

bugga me…hopefully this works or i will look a right pillock


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A massive thank you to Justin and his team