A minor pentatonic scale and moving scale to another fret

I am learning the A minor pentatonic scale first position
Can I check the sequence for playing this backwards to the start also.

Where can I obtain a good blues or other backing track for this scale? There are five positions for this scale the next position starts at
7-10 and so on

Will I need a different backing track for each position?
Also if I move the first position scale to the seventh position and will this be the B minor scale
Played with an A minor (first position shape

I deleted your double threads and moved this one to a more relevant place.
asking it 3 times won’t make you get a faster answer, au contraire.

You can play it in any direction and every possible random requence of those notes while being over the same backing track.

Search online (youtube for example) for
“blues in A”
“A D E backing track”
“I IV V progression backing track in A” etc.
They will all work as long as it is in A

Any shape of the scale, it doesnt mind because you play the same 5 notes all over the neck


Starting on the 7th instead of the 5th fret will make you pla a Bminor pentatonic indeed. It is no longer called A minor though. The place where you play the shape, determines the name. Amin happens to be a very good spot to start learning it because it is so popular.