A Music/Uke project with 3-4-5 years-old children

Hello Community friends! I feel like I’m over the moon with this news I have to share :upside_down_face:

It was a couple of months ago when our headmaster told us there were this year some extra money to spend on projects for our schools; she also said she would like better to enhance the human resources within the institute, from kindergartens to secondary schools’ teachers. We only had a Theatre play including a puppet workshop on our plate so I wrote a WhatsApp to my colleagues saying “If you want I could…etc” - a simple “wow” and nothing else than that was the only response I got, so I thought they were not interested, but…after a couple of days we had our scheduled teachers’ meeting and :see_no_evil: they all wanted my Ukulele Project! So here it is…it started right this past week: 4 schools out of 6 (mine and another one are having the Theatre) with 7 or 8 sessions each school. It seems pretty much impossible! Here are the targeted groups in each school:
A. 18 children/mixed 3-4-5 yo
B. 22 children /4 yo
C. 11 children / 5yo
D. 53 children / mixed age divided into two groups.
A and B children will have a little songbook at the end of the project; C an english songbook; and D children a colourful painted uke, something like these little guitars we made last year with my class for a Rocking around the Christmas Tree coreography.

So they all have a cool final product to bring home, to document the activities and, hopefully with some sweet memories we’ll build together! I’ve been pretty busy this past month to organise the activities and prepare all the materials. Here are our Ukes…

The first session went pretty well, the children loved the Ukes!
As a first thing, to know eachother I proposed a little game that I often do with my class: we were all sitting in circle and I had put all the ukes and the other stuff in the middle of it; first I took my recorder and played some notes and we had a short conversation on that, then after clapping along each name I asked how many notes we needed to sing our name: easy, right? You just count the syllables you’ve found with the clapping! Sil-Via…2 notes on the recorder and then you can sing the name! It was fun, they all did well and if someone was a bit shy the other children would sing the name with or for him/her! I was making it easy with the notes and play from low to high when a little boy said he would rather sing his name from high to low :heart_eyes: kids are smart eh! Then I got fancy with the notes and played triads, mono-notes names, small and big jumps and octaves too…someone tried to sing before waiting for the notes but someone said “No! You have to listen first!” Eh… Listen :heart_eyes: The children were all engaged in the game but the ukes were there and they wanted to strum them!

So after completing the names’ game I said we were going to take them but that I needed just a couple of minutes more of their attention: I strummed a 8 bar chord progression on my uke, someone clapped along, someone had a little dance and when I asked if they liked it they said yes it was nice…then I said “Now I turn these little white keys, let’s see what happens!”…and when I strummed as expected they brought their hands to their ears and said it was awful… “this is why you won’t turn the tuning pegs, will you?”…but…you know to a 3 yo kid’s eyes turning the tuning pegs is as much if not even more interesting than strumming the uke itself :joy: …and as expected someone turned them in the end :joy:
And after that I retuned my uke and we strummed and sung, they strummed along with me and I told them that as a real Rock Band we had to start together and we tapped and counted 1 2 3 4! A little girl proudly showed me some tattos on her arm, affirming she was already a real rock-star :joy:

Wow wow wow…second session starting from tomorrow…I’ll move on from this first one, something more about the notes, the tuning and about Rhythm as well! Wow wow wow! :grin::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::smile::hugs::heart::partying_face::wink::upside_down_face:


Heart warming Silvia, good work :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Dave :blush:

That’s awesome, Silvia :smiley:. I’m so happy for you and the kids, that your project got accepted.
I wish you many funny and musical hours. You’re sowing seeds - who knows, where this might lead to :star_struck:.

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that’s great news Silvia. Music is the best gift you can give someone, it will last these children a lifetime.

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What a wonderful story Silvia and great project. You sound like a really cool teacher bet the kids love you. Never even got to blow a recorder at that age unless your parents bought one…a waste of money apparently :unamused:
Wishing you every success with your students.


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I wish I’d had a music teacher like you when I was that age!


Lovely story Silvia! They are lucky children to have music :musical_score: in their school day! It’s magical how little kids can make things that a grown up takes for granted and turn into a special adventure! So happy for you!!!
It makes me wonder how many of us here in the Community could help young people be more musical?!?!


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What a wonderful project Sylvia. I’m sure it will have a lifelong impact on the kids. Well done.

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Hi Sylvia, what a wonderful project you’ve created! You are a wonderful teacher, full of creativity and heartwarming adiction to what you are doing! It’s so important that children can get those early experiences with musical aspects, you are sowing the seeds for more… :heart:. I wished I had a music teacher like you! Our musical education in school was primarly based on abstract music theory and singing boring old german songs.
I wish you all the best for this wonderful project :hibiscus:!

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This is amazing Silvia, so pleased for you and the kids on your project! Hope that it continues to go well :slight_smile:

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Silvia that sounds like so much fun! :smiley:
You are so creative :star_struck: the children are so lucky to have you as a teacher and to be part of this project. It’s so joyous and heartwarming
Thank you for sharing this :smiling_face: :sunflower:

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How fabulous Silvia. Wonderful to bring such a gift and joy to the children

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Hi Silvia,
That quote above is the most important thing for now :smiley: :sunglasses:, of course not all those children will play an instrument later and remember this stuff , but at least one :sunglasses: (who will later ignite others) and maybe 5 :smiley: or ten :crossed_fingers: :partying_face: :smiley:

Either way it is very great fun heart-warming amazing cool sweet nice wow smiling stuff you do :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :sunglasses:



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@davidp @Avalon426 @sairfingers

Thank you all so much for sharing my enthusiasm! But please please please do not call me a Music Teacher because I’m not!

It’s being very much fun insofar but I feel it also as a big responsality… I have immediate feedback and I can say if they’re enjoying the activities and having fun or not and I can modulate things on the way, and also gain more self-awareness myself. We’re not doing much in the end, I prefer to do less, have a relaxed time where I can invest more energy in observing the individuals and give some more care to those who need it…yesterday two children didn’t want to have a try at strumming the ukes, I let them be, they said they were tired…but when I went away I told them that maybe next time they won’t be tired and might have a try with the ukes, they smiled and said they will!


@theoldman66 @roger_holland the reply above is for the two of you as well!


They are the gifts and joys :heart:

We all have our own musicality, being able or wanting to connect with it might be also a personal choice…and we need to respect it. Playing an instrument requires discipline and work (not the uke :joy:) for many…most of us I guess are not in the talented ones who learn fast category…simply someone might prefer to spend their spare time otherwise and enjoy music by being avid listeners…what I think we can do is helping others to be more self-confident, making them understand that they can do it; I was one who felt pretty much hopeless with learning to play the guitar, Justin proved I was wrong and I’ll be forever grateful for this!


Ok, your just a kindergarten teacher developing your band.

Those are the future enrolling students to Justin’s revamped revamped beginner course :grinning:


:love_you_gesture::notes::guitar: exactly! :joy:

I doubt this though, if our school system doesn’t change and find new ways to make students learn languages…of course I’m good at that too hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks James :blush:


It’s fantastic you can bring your many new skills to your classroom. So happy for you!

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What a great project Silvia !!! :exploding_head: Congratulation ! :trophy:

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