A nice little Multi fx

It got a great review from InTheBlues, and he don’t tell untruths!


That looks too be a rebranded Valeton GP 100. All of the Valeton gear, especially their multi effects units consistently get high marks.

Edit: Hmmm, I might be wrong about it being a rebrand.

These review guys lose me as they are such great players anyway. The tech stuff is beyond me. What I want to know is could I plug this in between my guitar and my Katana 50 and get all these great tones?

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Yes, the preset sounds, assuming you aren’t interested in using the editor.

Be aware that you aren’t going to get the tones he was getting with his strat unless you have a single-coil guitar.




Nope, the Valeton 100 was another contender but there were a few things about it that made it quite a bit more expensive to match the capabilities of the Sonicake one.

Happy NMFXPD Darrell.

It looks like a nice bit of kit and I hope it brings you lots of joy.

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Looks like a great piece of kit, Darrell :smiley: and I probably would have gone for this instead of shelling out nearly 3 times that for my PodGo (although I’m still happy I did).
I only watched the beginning of the vid, but wonder how easy is it to switch between presets when you are playing live? Can you get a compatible footswitch?

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The two metal buttons switches at the bottom that activate the Tuner or Looper if used singlehanded will go up and down the patches, but as the display is quite small you would need the FX unit mounted on a mic stand or similar to be able to read it; with a possible 198 patches to go through it could be a bit impractical, but you may be able to put custom patches in for particular pieces and be able to just cycle through the custom patches - not played with it enough yet to discover what it can do from that point of view.

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