A nice video I had come up in my feed, Mags aka @Batwoman will like it!

Lots of ahhhs might ensue :sunglasses:


That’s very nice. There’s a colony of them in the small town nearest to our property. Just at dusk it’s a glorious site watching them take to the sky in their hundreds. The whole sky is filled with bats. I’ve tried a few times to take videos of it, but it’s too dark to get any decent resolution.


You can say that, … :smile:
what a beautiful, beautiful and sweet animals to see :heart_eyes:

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Great share Darrell, always had a love for fruit bats, since a visit to London Zoo back in the 60s. Weather changes are having a huge impact on them in Oz, as I recall Maggie saying they were dying in their thousands a few years back.

We have some smaller European species based near the house and I suspect nesting in the gable end above our garage extension. Always a thrill to stand in the garden or courtyard at dusk being buzzed by these little beauties.



all I get is a black screen

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

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Try this link,

Thanks Darrell that worked. great video.

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