A satisfying afternoon in the kill room

Plastic sheeting and black bags sorted.

Dead … almost.

All body parts bagged and ready for disposal!

Evidence all removed from the scene of crime.


Nicely done! Is that some crazy wallpaper there?

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Can I make a suggestion to cover the hole in the wall. :wink:


Good to see you opening it up not shutting it down. Come home to a real fire ?
Wallpaper just has to go !


Dexter would surely be proud of your work :wink:


Does the rest of the new house have such lovely wallpaper Richard? :joy:
Did you check for hidden gold bullion behind the blocked up fireplace?
Ok, maybe an old Daily Mail.

Well you’re talking about my last 3 months here Richard day in day out (whenever I can)! I took a different approach though (need to retake the picture on my phone!). Wish you luck Richard!

Well, yes, that monstrosity had to go Richard, it would have killed your cred. That wallpaper is quite lively too.

Surely there is a log burner going in there? Unless you go with @stitch Ricks suggestion. :smiley:

Put some old tube amps there, won’t need a fireplace to warm up the home!

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