A section for Richard's content

stitch made this point in Announcements. I agree wholeheartedly, there is quality content there that I’d like to see transferred. Perhaps there is a team member who could help Richard with this big job? This is what I’m referring to.

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100% behind this one Maggie. Should I be doing @batwoman ? :confused:

There is so much valuable information in Richard’s little school mini forum. It would be a travesty if this was not migrated. I guess it is possible that Richard has this in hand but I would be willing to help in the process of moving it, if needed.

Let see what the responses are.



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I created that and it is called #social:tips-from-the-community
Exactly with that purpose in mind, but broadened up, offering the chance to everybody to bring useful (life)lesson on making music to the community.

I’ve been following Richards lead there by seeking out my own valuable content and putting it there.
Richard and I were discussing how he could do the same exercise for his own content.

If it is deemed necessary, We can opt for a tag to label and hash all of Richards content. With a tag you can filter Richards content with just one click


Here’s Richards reply to my post I think he wants to polish some of the older one before he
moves then over

"Thanks stitch - the graphics I created on some of those old ones are so hysterically poor quality I reckon a re-write and revamp is needed.

I’m not a techie and I’m not a graphic designer either - but I think my recent efforts in visual presentation have improved somewhat."

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Lieven I guess that section would be a good place to drop my piece on “Connecting Repaer/DAW to OBS and Zoom” ??

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Yeah, sounds like the right place to do that!

Thanks. One for tomorrow as I need to see what’s happening on the forum proper, been neglecting it a bit this week.

I think there’s also a need to balance keeping info that’s enduring info, and letting the rest become history that remains in our memories. If it’s really important and we have a need for tangible evidence of it, we can make a copy and save it in our own systems whatever they be. In my case some of it has even been printed and pasted into my notebook.

Adapting to change is a necessary part of growth and development in more ways than learning to play guitar. I embrace this opportunity.

Been having a ponder and taking in some comments on the live forum. Not sure if burying Richard’s masterpieces in a sub-section of Social is adequate or appropriate. I think they should have more prominence and potential a top tier category replacing Uncategorized if needs be, if a balanced front page is needed. What would go in there anyway, as I am sure the other categories will cover 99.9% of posts/topics.

My 0.02 Euros. :eu:

Request noted :wink:
I already pondered the idea to turn it into real content somehow instead of posts like this.

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By this do you mean content on the JG Website, rather than Community content, Lieven? As it is my learning was real :wink:

yeah, finding a way to make offer it as structured info in a way that it is clearly not by Justin himself but that the somehow accomodates this as “gues blogs” or something. Wasn’t sure yet how but I was planning to pitch something like that early next year.

Justin was also toying with the idea on how to support/enable teachers.
A few nesletters ago he lniked a for with a questionnaire, to measure the temperature.

indeed, stuff to ponder :wink:

Thanks Lieven.

I guess if one digs deeper, some of what Richard has shared with us, may potentially overlap with content Justin provides in his PMT material. Perhaps that makes it more tricky to position this material on the main website.

What I know for sure is that we have all benefited from Richard’s expositions and guided tours down some of these theory roads.

Oh man having other teachers making guest column contributions would be amazing.

As for @Richard_close2u the man is a living music theory encyclopedia. He’s got a wonderful way of explaining everything in greatest detail while still keeping it accessible. Richard’s content from the old forum easily deserves its own category here IMHO.


J, Richard and I had a small meeting on how to divide work in 2022 and we went over the options. It was decided he should have a section/category :smiley:
to be continued


Fantastic news, thank you Lieven! :grin:

Support Category Close 100%

That’s good new Richard has a way of making things crystal
clear and essy to understand.

Delighted to hear that! Richard’s section is an asset, that just adds to the overall JustinGuitar experience.

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You are all very kind and supportive - I really appreciate it.