A String Vibration

Is it normal for the A string to vibrate more intensely and longer than the other 5 strings on an electric guitar?


Can’t say I have experienced this and have just plucked each string on my Gretsch one at a time with equal force and the sustain was pretty identical. Is this noticeable via an amp or playing unplugged ?

Not very helpful but the physicists may have answer.



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I noticed something similar on all my guitars. I think what OP meant is the actual vibration you can see when you play the A string. In my experience, the vibration of this string looks bigger than that of the others, low E string included. However, as it doesn’t seem to interfere with the sound, I don’t make an issue of it.

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Yes I mean visually. Doesn’t seem to impact the sound. Here’s a video that illustrates it.


Can’t say I’ve noticed this with mine. Have you tried it under natural light, and without a camera?

Shutter speed and the frequency of artificial light creates strange visual effects on spinning & vibrating objects.


I first noticed it while not recording. I’ve even compared it to other guitars. This one seems to be the only one doing this. Makes me think there’s something wrong with that string.

We see very little in that video. Certainly we don’t know how (finger, pick, upwards, downwards) or where along the string, the string is plucked. I’m not a vibrations expert but I think the vibration can be different if the string is plucked at different points. The strings also don’t have the same length so if one plucks straight down :point_down: then each string is plucked at a different point along it’s length.

Besides, if the guitar does what it’s supposed to and stays in tune, why should we be worried about it? :joy:

Not worried. Just curious. I thought maybe it could be an indication of the string about to snap or something…