A xmas song

here is something I cobbled together its using power chords in the style of chuck berry
V1 Christmas is coming and Santa is on the way (rpt),he s flying through the sky on a reindeer powered sleigh

V2 Christmas is coming and Santa is on the way (rpt) he s rocking round the world dropping presents off on the way
V3 Christmas is here a day of good will and cheer (rpt) lets hope we can celebrate with out fear

comments please this is the first time I ever tried to write anything the chords are A5 D5 A5 E5 D5 A5 more or less

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I like it! I can hear it in my mind, a sort of 12 bar blues style song. A couple of suggestions:

V2: you got a little lazy here, repeating the lyric from V1. Write a new line! While you’re at it, don’t have it end in “way”. Rhyming “way” with “way” is not great.

Also, this all makes one 12-bar chorus (or verse, same thing in this song form). Write lyrics for 2 more choruses and you have a song. You can play the Johnny B. Goode solo between verse 2 and 3 :slight_smile:

Thanks John correct on all counts it is a 12 bar blues yes i got lazy i have another sort of song i wrote a while a go its supposed to be a slow 12 bar blues with a chunk a chunk rhythm its about a man who`s sitting alone Xmas day watching the snow falling remembering his life and the last line on every verse is " but i drank them all away" ref his wife family house and job another one started as a letter to someone i knew from 1975 to 1981 it was never going to be sent then i heard lifes a gas by marc bolan learnt the song and added my words it fitted really well not sure if i will put it here as it is personal to me.

Great start John.
It’s your song and you should do what you like with it.

For me the lyrics are a bit too literal.

V1. Christmas is coming, Santa’s on his way.
Flying the sky with reindeer and sleigh.

V2. Christmas is coming, Santa’s on his way.
Rockin round the world dropping presents for the day.

In verse 3 I would insert “any” before fear.

But like I said, it’s your song.

Second thoughts….
Drop the plural from Santa.

Thanks I got the idea from a chuck berry song called run run Rudolph check it out

I would change “off on the way” to “on this Merry day” or “on His Merry day”

Sumfink like that