A year in the life of The Madman

Hey thought I’d join the AOVYP party with a retrospective (no not you Jason), so here is my singing and playing journey that started around this time last year.

The Madman’s Diaries Playlist

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Good idea to get some more content into AVOYP, Toby, get the ball (rocking and) rolling pre public launch day.

Good idea to link to a Playlist, I’ve never thought of that.

:joy: :joy: I’m sure you must mean us Toby. Good idea to link to a play list though

Well that’s your greatest hits right there. Dig it!

Boy Toby,
Great list and the madman has gone mad this year with producing some great stuff! I think 2022 should be even better!

Keep rock’n big time!

Hopefully and there be something new, playing wise in 22 But yep a productive year and I am still to add the recordings, relating to Richard’s set of theory lessons, so more to come.




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A worthy cover of this song. Loved it.

Any particular song John, there’s 13 in the playlist ? :sunglasses:

I was puzzled by a couple of comments and the name of the link! I follow it and it takes me to a YT video: Waiting For A Friend. Nothing about a playlist.

Interesting, were you seeing this, tracks in the playlist are under the arrow. Are you on a mobile ? Wondering if the app presents it differently to a browser ?

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I had the same problem when I tried to add a link to a playlist of my songs on YT…it just takes you to the first song not the playlist.

Cheers Jason I’ll check later, as just off out :sunglasses:

But I should have added your link actually works for me as you intended…so I see the playlist on the right…there is obviously something a bit odd about linking to playlists occasionally in YT

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I went back and yes, that is what I can see but I didn’t notice all the videos on the right were all yours the first time. Usually when I go to YT those songs are a random list of videos. I didn’t anticipate them being a curated list. I’ll know better next time…if enough memory cells survive!

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