A7 sus 4 chord Module 8 App Lesson

In the lessons app the fingering for this differs from that shown in the practice lesson. In the app lesson the g string is fingered on the second fret, in the practice video it is shown open. Is this important or will either do?

Hi @price1h ,

I’m not sure the exact grips you refer to (you should write them out explicitly when asking a question like this), but an A7 sus 4 chord has the notes A, D, E, G. I think the standard way to play this would be x02030, but it could also be played x02233. This second version does not have an E note, the 5th of the chord. The 5th in many cases can be dropped from a chord.

Actually it does the second fret on the D string is an E

Ah, yes. Could catch!

Many thanks for the prompt reply, I was not expecting that! Thanks also for explaining how to ask such a question, I am a complete beginner.
The lesson taught the A7 sus4 as x02233 but the associated practice showed it as an x02033 so my query was does this matter and you have answered that. I have also seen it shown as an x02030 elsewhere.
Doesn’t the x02030 omit the A and G but still have the E?
The x02233 has EADG and the x02033 omits the A so it seems to my simple mind that it is the A being dropped which seems a bit odd? Or have I got it all wrong?!

You do :wink:

Here are the notes for each of the grips (going from string 5 to string 1):

x02030: A E G D E
x02233: A E A D G
x02033: A E G D G

The A is always supplied by the open 5th string.

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Hi @price1h, in the lesson on the website, you’ll find this:


  • And another big scary name chord, but not hard to play. It’s an A chord variation when holding the Stuck 3&4.
  • The stretch between Finger 2 and 3 is the tricky part of this one!
  • Try not to play the thickest string.


  • In Wonderwall, we have this other version with the Open G string.
  • It’s got the same name as it’s just doubling a different note than the last grip.
  • It might look easy, but ringing the open string out can be tricky!

So Justin actually teaches the 2 variations.

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