Ableton live Blues

Ok put this simple E 12 bar shuffle together for ableton lite - in theory you should be able to play E pent/blues over it right?

(its simple, bass on track1 and 2, drums on 3 - all ableton lite standards), guitar on last track I was using a NAM plugin)

Feel free to download and have a play and try out and mess round with

I can’t open it. I don’t know what a .als file is.

If it’s E7, A7, B7 person, then E minor pent or blues would work over the whole progression, and E major pent can go over the 1 chord of you want to change things up.

.als should work in ableton live if you have it.

Its a shuffle beat with just a bass line so no E7/A7/B7 - thanks!

I don’t even know what Ableton live is! :smile:

Its a DAW (like reaper), a live lite licence comes with the popular 2i2 audio interface so a lot of people have it.

Right figured out reverb!