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OK, time to roll up my proverbial sleeves, channel my inner @Richard_close2u and pull out the conversation on this topic that has grown up in another topic about learning songs.

Now that I have this created I’ll step over to the other Topic and commence moving carefully.

Along the way I may delete and edit, for example a reply making a suggestion to do just what I am doing.


I this conversation began to morph when @BurnsRhythm shared the following in a reply

I think you’re right in that the “been there done thats” make it sound oh so easy, “give it time”!
They are, of course, right with the advice they give and we thank them for giving it….But…have they actually told us anything that we don’t already know? Most of what they’ve said is standard JG stuff and they are really just reminding us of it.

I think you would probably welcome - and I would too - a space in this community where students of the same level could get together to chat about their learning without those at a higher level peering over our shoulders.
That isn’t to decry the advice they give, because we could still ask for that elsewhere, but I think we could learn just as much from chatting with our same level guitar learners. Comparing notes! A Grade2 chat group, say.

You are frustrated with your playing standard and progress and so you start a thread about it and you are immediately bombarded by those at a higher level. Of course, they mean well but you end up just agreeing with them and it probably hasn’t eased the frustration.
It hasn’t really given you the chance to chat about your frustrations whereas a grade chat group would.
And this thread hasn’t drawn out your fellow grade 2ers who am sure will share your frustrations.

Your ball.

Now I’ll move replies specific to this over …

David, I was thinking this very thing this morning! “Same” level could be Beginner (Grades 1-3), Intermediate (Grades 4-6) and Advanced (Grade 7+). It would focus on folks following Justin’s lessons pretty closely. Of course, I’m not Intermediate or Advanced so I don’t really know if those folks would benefit from such a dedicated space. @Richard_close2u, @LievenDV, @DavidP @larynejg - do you have any thoughts about whether this could work?

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David @BurnsRhythm

Interesting idea, surely it wouldn’t be that difficult, each Grade has its own category, you would just need to create a topic in each one.

This is a public forum how are you going to keep people from posting. Are you going to give every on an ID number and when they do the last lesson of grade 2 ban them from topic?
Are you going to charge people for free lesson so they can chat with people in the same grade?

The best way for people in grade 2 to help others in grade 2 is to post in threads like this and if you don’t feel comfortable posting use the PM and send a message directly the OP.

Having special chat rooms is the fastest way to kill a forum. They seen like a good idea until everyone has their own little private spot in the forum. I’ve seen it happen before and this forum is no different.


Totally agree with @stitch. Having special chat rooms isn’t very inclusive. I consider myself a beginner and learn from both those following in my footsteps and from those ahead of me.

I’d also hate to see little clicks forming as I enjoy seeing everyone from all walks of life regardless of guitar play grade contributing on each and every post to help their fellow members out. Plus how would I get to know you all if you well all in private rooms in the forum.

I think this also detracts from the actual original post. Going back to the frustrations that the OP has raised I think it would be better the OP booked a couple of lessons with one of the approved teachers (@Richard_close2u @LievenDV) to work through those frustrations as they have been manifesting for some time now.


Hang on who said anything about chat rooms I didn’t, all I said was a topic, no different to somebody creating one about a guitar pedal, I have no interest in them so I wouldn’t get involved and the interchange would between those that were,

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Getting involved is how we learn, share knowledge and build connections. What’s been suggested is an exclusive grade specific topic or space.

James @Socio
I am puzzled where have I suggested a closed group?

Michael @MAT1953
You’ve not suggested it per say it’s been suggested further up the thread. You’ve only suggested a way that it could be implemented rather than a group room.

James @Socio
I see where you are coming from, all I suggested was a “topic” which would be open for anybody to contribute.

Oh dear, I apologize if the suggestion was not clear. I (and I think we) are not advocating for exclusivity, but for a topic (I should have chosen a better word than “place”) with focus. I sometimes (often?) feel that responses to topics initiated by beginners drift past the OP’s level. This is natural, of course - everyone wants to help! And of course, much good information is shared. It just sometimes feels overwhelming. And this may be my own insecurity, but I frequently don’t contribute because I don’t feel my newbie input is worthwhile.

With that said, the idea would be for a topic (in which anyone can participate) that would stay focused on content and experience in the relevant level. Communicating with others experiencing what you are in the moment can be powerful. I’m sure many beginners would continue to start other new topics - I would! - and participate in existing topics, outside the level-based one. Some might not participate in a Beginners topic at all!

I’m certainly no expert in this, which is why I asked the Guides if they thought such a thing could work. Maybe it won’t.


@MAT1953 sorry didn’t mean to put you on the spot. The point I was trying to get accross was in a public forum any body who has an account can post in any thread. The only way to stop an experienced player from posting is to open a closed thread and only allow people with the magic decoder ring to enter. The only way of doing that is to open up private chat rooms by invatasion only and this kills forums. I’ve seen this happen twice before.


Judi in this community everyones contribution matters. Even newbies have insight that on old player like myself can learn from. So please don’t hold back if you have something to say. This is what separates this forum from all others on the internet


There are several things in your replies that I identify with so I’m very glad you added your experience. It really does have an impact when it’s coming from someone at the same progress level.

I know exactly what you mean about not posting very often, that it seems like my insight isn’t as weighty as more experienced posters. I also withhold input because of my very obvious lack of wisdom in the area of learning this instrument. But it’s very useful to me to see what methods and hacks others use, and for that reason, I want everyone to contribute to my topics!

I’ve seen the idea of specific forum areas be introduced, even in the relatively short time I’ve been a part of this community. I honestly see great benefits as well as downsides to it. I wouldn’t be able to decide which is better, adding them in or leaving them out.

I do want to apologize to the forum community that most of my topics or contributions to threads are of the whine and moan type. I typically get squeaky when I’m frustrated, then and only then. If it can help some other shy reader who is experiencing the exquisite anguish that I am, I am happy to provide them with a topic to identify with and learn from. And it IS exquisite, learning an instrument for the first time- even if it’s not a thrilling feeling, this instrument is making me FEEL which is the most amazing thing in life to me. But basically, you can bet if I’m quiet, things are going good!


As @MAT1953 mentioned…

There is a category for each Grade. Here is the one for Grade 2

Topics specific to a grade could be posted in the appropriate category. However I think this particular topic is useful to everyone in the community no matter what level they are. I see the Grade categories as a place to ask about a specific lesson issue.


Thanks Craig @moose408, I thought about that. My mind was going toward a more general level-focused – but not topic-focused – category that would encompass grades 1 through 3. A topic in which Stacy might – or might not! – have chosen to place this post. Based on the replies, I’m getting the idea that such a thing doesn’t exist because it’s not practical to implement. That’s ok too!

Haha, it doesn’t feel to me like you whine or moan! I do like your use of “squeaky”. I might steal that (with permission of course :smile:)!

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@BurnsRhythm @judi

We have had similar discussions in the past, considering ways of creating sub-groups. Apart from it not being practical here, we have concluded that it is not in keeping with the ethos of this Community.

I think at times many of us have moments of vulnerability, be it posting a recordings, asking a question, or posting a reply. The spirit of the Community is such that I think those more competent or knowledgeable share in an encouraging, supportive way. I’ve not experienced people being patronising, demeaning of folk here.

You can always post general Topics in the Grade category without selecting a specific Sub-category to discuss more general matters.


You don’t have to apologize. I think asking for help is a pretty common thing on the community, and people - like you - tend to ask when they can’t quite figure it out themselves.

The popularity of the thread (and some of your others) speaks to the interest in them.