About mic stands and positioning

I went to a music shop in Salford and they set me up with a Hercules stand. It seems nice and sturdy.

Please could someone tell me how far away does the mic need to be from me?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Stefan condensers are normally pretty sensitive and do vary but you don’t need to get up close and personal like you do with a dynamic mic. 6 to 9 inches should be ok, just make sure you are not clipping and record a few takes at varying distances until you find the sweet spot. :sunglasses:

Edit that would be for vocals


The user guide of my microphone includes the following examples for ideal distances:

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@SgtColon I’m contemplating getting the Scarlett package too and would be interested knowing what stand you ended up getting and if it worked our OK?

I bought a scarlet package and then a TONOR boom arm with pop filter which clamps to the desk next to my PC. Amazon.co.uk : microphone boom arm tonor

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I went to a music shop not too far from us and they recommended THIS although not expensive I am very pleased with the stand. It seems really sturdy and it has no problems holding the mic.

It will be in action on Saturday night.


Good choice… Hercules stands tend to be rock solid. I have one myself having had numerous “cheapie” Amazon ones.

Thanks Stefan, that stand looks good. Decent price on GAK for the stand and the Scarlett 2i2 package so will probably order it tomorrow to start getting ready to make you all hit the mute button when I do my first AVOYP in a couple of weeks time.


You’re welcome James.

:rofl: :rofl: I’m sure that will not be the case at all. I look forward to your posting.

Well, that’s the order placed Stefan (@SgtColon). Thanks for the info on the stand.

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