About Module 12: Rock Power Chords & Techniques for Beginners

It’s time to rock your Power Chords and learn how to palm mute. We’ll also understand how distortion works, learn to write riffs, and play the classic Enter Sandman by Metallica! All lessons here.

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I just wonder, is this stuff primarily for playing electric guitar? I tried it with my acoustic, spent couple weeks doing that, and still they sound dull and buzzy. Plus my hand gets tired pretty fast from clenching the same shape all the time. Frankly, I am almost ready to give up. Or should I practice more, hoping to get it some day?

I feel the same as you. I think that we can still benefits from this pratice on an acoustic. Moving the shape around the neck will develop our hand muscle and notes finding. Useful stuff for our F barre chord. After a few weeks, if you feel that you are no longer having fun with this module, you can move on to the next one. And come back later to consolidate at the end of grade 2.

hello Justin and the team,

I can recommend adding some Scorpions songs to Songs list…
Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane has some great catchy riff with power chords

The intro riff of Freezing moon by Mayhem is great for learning power chords and moving them around as well. Also adds some extra variation to the song genres.