About Module 4: Metronome, Stretches & THE Pattern

The best finger stretching exercise for beginners and the most useful strumming pattern ever! Also, learn the Dm chord and how to read guitar tabs. All lessons here.

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I’ve just started module 4 and I’m really confused on something. To this point when learning chords in a song I’ve just been playing the song and hitting the chords as they come up and working on getting the timing right. However, now strumming and trying to incorporate that…do I try and strum with no fingers on strings between chords?

I’m trying to explain this which is difficult but if I’m strumming and have to hit an e chord and I do that and then after the e chord there isn’t another chord right away…do I just strum with no fingers on any strings to play a chord?

Hi. I wanted to ask a couple of more tips on finger stretching because I have been finding lesson 1 of module 4 a bit difficult to get through and my fingers don’t really stretch the way I am expecting. A little help would be nice