About Nitsuj Grade 1 Practice

I learned to play left-handed to become a better guitar teacher, and I documented the whole process to help you learn from my struggles! Here’s what I found out. All lessons here.

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None of the videos are playing in the Nitsuj series across the board through Grades 1 and 2.

Is there an issue or has something changed on the site?

Now it asks me to sign in with vimeo… when I do the video fails to load and says unable to access.

Can someone let me know?



During my run through Beginner Grade 1, I felt good with chord changes and good with strumming patterns — as long as I kept the two actions apart from each other. Any attempt to strum and thrown in a chord change would send both into complete breakdown.

So, my practice playing along on the song app was all just down strums on one and sometimes three. Then I watched a YouTube video of someone who had finished the beginner level and saw them strumming away while changing chords, and I realized how far behind I was from where I should be.

For some reason, I decided to fire up a Nitsuj practice to see what he was working on at the lesson I’m on and and saw him using strumming patterns while practicing songs. He may have struggled some, but he was trying. So I started trying alongside him.

Not even two weeks later of practicing alongside Nitsuj and I’m now strumming while changing chords like he is. It’s been my biggest leap in guitar learning, and a lot of it came from pushing myself harder to try something, fumble through it, and keep strumming. Also, for some reason stopping trying to think of strumming as counting out 1 & 2 & 3 & etc. or down down up up down and just letting my hand mirror what I’m hearing from Nitsuj’s strumming has helped immensely.

I guess my point here is if you’re not happy with your practice or progress, maybe give practicing along with the Nitsuj practice videos a try.


Good to meet you here, Troy.

That is a great tip!

I had a similar experience when getting the triplet shuffle strumming down when I learned that on the previous BC (no idea where it may feature on the new BC). Playing along with Justin helped me to feel my way to getting something down, rather than to be just trying to do what I knew I was supposed to be doing

Hi Troy. I like to practice with Nitsuj too. I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere until I watched Nitsuj struggle with the same things. The app is great for strumming along with. I’m hoping to start singing along soon instead of counting. Thanks for the post, always like seeing and hearing other beginners journey.

Hi Troy good to see you here.

As I completed the BC some years ago I have not felt the need to visit Nitsuj, in case it reawakened the trauma of those early days :rofl: But that sounds like a fantastic suggestion for anyone who is struggling. Great share.



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Perhaps a dumb question - but where do I find the Nitsuj practice videos for each “regular” lesson?

On the website, when you click a grade level, go to the bottom of the listing showing the modules in each grade. There’s a Nitsuj practice module. It has all of his practices for the grade level.

I’m not sure how many grades Justin has done of these.

Hi and welcome @Troy_McClure

You absolutely missed the opportunity to start off with:

“Hi, I’m Troy_McClure, you might know me from guitar endeavours like “sexy strumming patterns” or “learning uitat backwards with nitsuJ”.

(Sorry, Simpson fans insider jokes ;))


Just want to say I find using Nitsuj’s practice sessions fun to play along with. I like syncing up to him during the chord changes and strumming exercises, its fun and satisfying. And even the songs he chooses to play during his free 10 mins, like Down On The Corner, because that song has been changed to different chords now, but I really enjoy playing it with the simple chords. His laughs and reactions are entertaining. :slight_smile: After practicing along with him, I then will take a break, and after about half an hour, come back and do my practice routine again on my own.

I don’t know how many grades x modules Nitsuj has posted practice sessions for, but I hope its all of them, because I’ll miss them when I get to the last one.

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Been playing with Nitsuj since the start, and he is a great practice buddy. The videos are really helpful. There is an old saying that the best leaders are one step ahead of you, and it’s so true. Justin should get a Knighthood for learning guitar anew. Thank you!

Hi, I’m a beginner and I am learning Guitar left handed so I tried out the Nitsuj series for Grade 1 but it won’t show the videos. Sure, I can click on them, but the area the video should be is gone.
Can you guys please tell me what’s happening?