About That Bass

Learning bass lines on guitar is an awesome skill to play the Blues! Level up your sound and make jamming a blast!

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I hope that this is the right section for my question which is :- What programme do I need on my PC to be able to open and play the ‘guitar profile’ ?


For GP files you will need Guitar Pro software to open them. See the learn more section of this lesson which provides a link and discount code for the software if you do not already have it. Beginner Blues Solo | JustinGuitar.com

Hi Socio
Thanks for your response. I will look into getting the software when I can find out how much it is.
Was this the right section for me to ask such a question?

Hi @Brian1990 ,

There’s also a free software alternative to Guitar Pro, called TuxGuitar:

It’s not 100% compatible, but it works for most files.

Hi Metalbrain
Thanks that’s good to know I will give it a go
Brian 1990

Hi Metalbrain,
I have downloaded Tuxguitar and I have tried the gp files for the blues lessons namely about that bass, vari-shuffle climb and the other ones and each time tux says they are invalid file formats am I doing something wrong??
Can you help please??

Hi Brian,

I’m sorry, if the files don’t work, you’ll need to open them using Guitar Pro. Perhaps those files will work in a future version of TuxGuitar, but there’s no guarantee at the moment.

Hi Metalbrain,
No problem thanks for your help.
I was under the impression that the gp file was the backing track but I think that now is not the case. It is the musical version of the pdf file that I have downloaded and that is fine for me.

Is it possible I can purchase the backing tracks in WAV or mp3 format from JG that I can jam over to practice the blues lessons?
Sorry to be nuisance but that way would be great for me to practice and perfect my playing.