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Learn how to play A Shape Barre Chords on the guitar, and add loads of very useful grips under your fingers!

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I intend working through this new series of lessons. I can play the A major shaped barres but try to avoid them as I find them difficult.

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Wow, surprised to see only one comment on this lesson. I haven’t found this shape too difficult to play (on an electric, at least), but what I have noticed is that when I “lock” the knuckle of my 3rd finger to play say, a Bb, and then move to the E shape to play an Eb, that 3rd finger wants to stay locked and has a hard time unlocking. I’m sure that will get better with time and practice (like with all of this stuff!). BTW, Radiohead’s Just is a killer tune to practice the A shape. I’m sure one could get by with power chords, but it sounds a lot better with the barre.

EDIT: Figured out my issue. I was bending my 3rd finger at the 2nd knuckle to barre the 3 strings instead of bending at the first knuckle. I’ve also found that I need to move my thumb further up vertically on the back of the neck to make that 1st knuckle on the 3rd finger bend as it should.