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Hi Justin,
Love your work and I know it has a wide reach to many students around the world.
Not all countries have access to the same quality of instruments as America and Europe. Often we don’t have the luxury of viewing or playing the guitar first we just have to order online and hope for the best.
So it would not be such a bad idea to give suggestions for certain models of equipment that are popular and available worldwide. e.g “Squier classic vibe Stratocaster” or “Epiphone Les Paul Standard” or “boss katana 50 MKii” or “Taylor GS Mini” or “Yamaha FSX800C”. So you not telling the student what to buy, but recommending equipment that they can be 90% sure that they will not go wrong. With giving ballpark ranges and models to look into according to what they want to get into later on. Maybe they want to play metal so a Metal inspired guitar such as “Ibanez Steve Vai Signature” or “Schecter Omen Elite-6” . Then if they are into Jazz then maybe “Ibanez Artcore Expressionist” or “Epiphone ES-335” maybe “Gretsch G2622T-P90”. Now I am not saying that you should recommend any of these guitars or equipment but guitars that are available online that students will have confidence in after doing some research themselves. Maybe you could have affiliate links to your recommendations.
If the student is able to get to a reputable store that has some of your suggestions, the salesperson can also guide them to similar guitars around that range so they can decide.
I know this puts smaller, local brands at risk but as a student, you don’t want to end up with a potato that you will never want to pick up the instrument again. For their Second or 3rd guitar, I am sure they will have the confidence of what they are looking for in a Guitar and other equipment.