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Wanted to pass on a few observations. Am I in the right place?

Things I like a lot
. the emoticons.
. the hover function thing. Without it I’d be lost. It’s VERY useful.
. the shortcut page (but I can’t get some of it to work)
. easy peasy to drag images in. Goodbye Imgur.

Things that are a bit uncomfortable
. the font size of text. I’ve used C+ to increase it and that’s better. I’d hate to be reading this on a phone. NOTE Just found where I can increase font size. :bat:
. I can’t figure out how to get back to the home page, so I log out and start again, or I keep clicking the ‘back’ arrow. I tried using the shortcut and it doesn’t work.

Things that are overwhelming atm
. the amount of stuff to read, things to hover over, icons lots of them. I go round in circles quite lot. It took me a while to find where to log out. It also took me some dud tries to send a dm. David wants to know how I sent him a quote of his post. Ha ha, that was a mistake I make.

I hope this is useful.