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Hi Justin, is it also important to develop perfect/true pitch in learning the guitar and getting to an advanced level and even mastery?

Hi jonas,

in my humble opinion forget about “perfect pitch”

the majority of the population isn’t born with this “gift”

And if having would have been necessary for us to play by ear. not many of us would be able to do it.
we cant all be Sheldon Cooper.

Anyways anybody can learn to play by ear. with enough dedication!

rock on

Hello, i have a question about ear training in general. I think i understand the use and importance of it. That makes sense to me. I’m wondering, if this training is something I need to “see” to learn or if the lessons are mostly audio based? I do a lot of driving for work and was thinking it might be great to use that time to do something useful during these longs drives…

Hii. When do I know if I am ready to move from the Ear Training ‘Introduction’ to ‘Grade 1’?

Hi Alexandre (please tell me if I got that wrong). :slight_smile: I’m working through this just ahead of you. Like most things involved in learning here, just move on if you finished a video and can understand what you learned (of course, sometimes there is a performance aspect but you’ll know if you are doing things ok- if in doubt, record yourself and listen to it). If you aren’t ready once you move to the next video you’ll know it very quickly. You aren’t ever trapped if it happens that you move on and need to back up. Just back up to where you last succeeded and repeat it. Some of the things, like daily practice in Module 1, you will do every day for a while, perhaps a long while, but you can go ahead to the next exercise/activity while you are still practicing something. Just have fun with it. If you ever feel lost, just come back here and ask another question.

Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

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