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Hi all, I love the app and just renewed my subscription for year 2 and just started course grade 3. I do follow some others too. I have since about 3rd month playing , chosen my favorite songs and worked on the chords as needed by slowing tempo. Now I am finding that many songs and the chord changes/strumming are “easy”. I am focusing on the more difficult songs with Bminor, Cminor, F various chords. My question is- how can I best use the app to be more creative with the easy songs( I play with vocals on) and how can I transition from using the app to writing up and memorizing the songs. Some of the older folk songs ( my generation!) melodies and words I know by heart so a bit easier. I have taken my ipad out to a park and practiced and got kudos from a couple of people telling me it sounded nice. Any advice!