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I purchased the music theory course and this page mentions that two ebooks are included, both Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction guide at the start of Grade 3 music theory.

I can’t seem to find them - I’ve looked through the resources tab on all the grade 3 lessons and they’re not there. Where can I find them? Am I missing something obvious or are they hidden…

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u Wondering if you guys might know? (Tagging as the course mentions both of you)


They were available once you got beyond the free trial modules, into grade 3.
I will check and see …
watch this space.

I can’t find the practical music theory pdf download either and did not save it to my computer. I am a subscriber and would like to get that again. How do I find it?

@Richard_close2u Following your check on oct. 18, were you able to find them ?

I am in the same situation as @jkahn and @SkirvieMcDivot. I forgot to print the pdf the last time and can’t find it anymore.

@jkahn @SkirvieMcDivot @math07
Sorry not to get back to this sooner.
The page @jkahn linked no longer mentions the ebooks so I wonder if they have been pulled.
I need to check.

Hey @Richard_close2u, in the end I used the contact us form and was sent them by Justin’s assistant. But yeah, looks like they have been discontinued in favour of the videos.

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Cool, I will use the contact us form too. :+1:

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