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Learn all about tones, semitones, sharps, flats, and octaves, and get familiar with the note circle!

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At the bottom of this Module there’s a “Music Theory Course - Grade 1 Quiz” link that appears to be a work in progress. “What do the 2 dots represent?” and the only possible answer is “SS.” Given the placeholder answer, I’m a bit worried there was a whole quiz there and it was hacked and vandalized by some sort of Neo-nazis? Any explanation?

Hey, I think there’s a bug in the quiz. In the first question I click option 3, but it automatically goes to option 4 when I submit the quiz.

In the quiz, I got the following questions wrong, but I’m not sure why. I counted the semitones between the notes going up in pitch.

How many semitones apart are C and B♭ (going up in pitch)? I put down 2.

How many semitones apart are D and A (going up in pitch)? I put down 5.