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Somewhere to pop in and say thanks.

I’d love to extend a sincere thank you to the whole Justin Team! My experience so far has been so enjoyable and exhilarating! I’m so excited about finally being able to learn this instrument. It has been something I always wanted to do, since I was young. And my guitar has sat in a corner for the last decade since I bought it, because I just felt like I couldn’t learn. But Justin and his team have made it possible. I can’t say thank you enough, and I’m so excited for the future!

Wishing another year of success to all!

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Justin team - just great!

I just wanted to say Thank you to the JG community! Learning in a structured format is really helpful. I have already advanced beyond what I was learning as a teen ages ago. I appreciate that you give so much practical info for free and have a donation area. I would recommend this site to anyone interested in playing guitar. :smiley: