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Somewhere to pop in and say thanks.


I’d love to extend a sincere thank you to the whole Justin Team! My experience so far has been so enjoyable and exhilarating! I’m so excited about finally being able to learn this instrument. It has been something I always wanted to do, since I was young. And my guitar has sat in a corner for the last decade since I bought it, because I just felt like I couldn’t learn. But Justin and his team have made it possible. I can’t say thank you enough, and I’m so excited for the future!

Wishing another year of success to all!


Justin team - just great!


I just wanted to say Thank you to the JG community! Learning in a structured format is really helpful. I have already advanced beyond what I was learning as a teen ages ago. I appreciate that you give so much practical info for free and have a donation area. I would recommend this site to anyone interested in playing guitar. :smiley:


Hey, Thanks to the entire team. Great site,great lessons. It is no wonder this site/ team has won so many accolades. Thank You.

Hi all,
My name is Mike and I live and work in New York.
This thank you to Justin is long overdue.
Thank you so much Justin!!!
About 10 years ago I had a patient in my office who was a professional musician, who was recording an album in Nashville at the time, and was splitting his time between Nyc and Nashville.
I have been a huge music fan all my life and during his appointment we casually discussed our mutual love for music. At the end of his visit he asked me what instruments I play and was very surprised to learn that did not play any instruments at all, given my great interest in Music. When he inquired why I never played an instrument or made any music at all, I told him that I never considered myself ‘musical’. In fact ,my 3rd grade piano teacher fired me after one lesson and told my mother to ‘let the boy play basketball’ for she saw me longingly stare out the window at the basketball court outside throughout the entire lesson. Since then I always identified myself more as an ‘athlete’ and believed that I did not possess the natural ability or ‘gene’ required to make music. In my youth,I had many friends who were athletic and a few who were musical and it seemed to me at the time to be mutually exclusive. You were one or the other.
When he heard my excuse, he urged me to go out that night after work to guitar center
and purchase a guitar with a commitment to play 3 days a week for 15 minutes a session, and assured me that I would be shocked what I was capable of.
He was scheduled to return to my office the following week and said he expected me to have the guitar the next time we meet. So I went out that night and purchased a nice Taylor guitar
and searched the internet for lessons.( I thought a pricey guitar would pressure me to follow through). I keep long and unpredictable hours being in an emergency based healthcare provider and knew I would not be able to stick with a consistent in- person lesson schedule so I decided that pre-recorded internet lessons was best for my lifestyle.
I was blessed to have found Justin and the rest is history.
It started initially with 3 days a week and quickly evolved to practice and play 5 days a week, often for an hour or two at a time.Often I practised after midnight when I returned from work.
I soon learned that this very self-limiting thought that I was “not musical” was simply untrue and just that a self-limiting thought.
I now believe that we all have the ability to learn and progress musically, in spite of the fact that there are definitely those who are born with more G-d give talent, proclivities, and abilities and certainly the sooner one begins their journey the better.Until one tries ,one can never know what is possible.
Fast forward 10 years and I now play once a week with a band of talented heath care professionals, some of their patients, and even semi-professional musicians.
Very often on my way home from a session I still pinch myself and can not believe that I am actually playing and making music with others.I even dicovered that I can sing and cover some of the vocals as well.
Justin, you have literally changed my life and brought me so much joy and accomplishment.
I have learned a great new skill, brought creativity in my life, developed the other hemisphere of my brain,and made great new friends through the band.
Being a part time teacher at a hospital I know how difficult it is to teach, give over information especially procedural instruction ,and to motivate students.
Your ability to simplify potentially difficult concepts and physical tasks is truly masterful
but I believe the true secret of your success is your relaxed,warm and friendly nature.
Being likable and welcoming is huge.
My kids joke around that you are one of my good friends and are used to hearing your voice on a regular basis.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know you are literally improving the lives of so many.
May G-d grant you many years of good health, strength, and happiness to keep spreading joy in the world
Thank you again, Mike Soz

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This topic is a very important one, and I’m glad I found it to add a few lines to this thread, too. :smiley:

First of all, my biggest “Thank you!” goes to Justin, of course.
I’m just a newbie here and discovering the website step by step. It is incredible, what you’ve created here, and I can’t imagine the amount of talent, work, knowledge, passion and generosity behind all of this.
Without this website I wouldn’t have picked up my guitar for sure, and now I can’t wait for the next lesson, the next module, the next grade. You bring so much music and fun into my life every day.
Your tutorials and all other lessons and videos are just perfect: instructive, motivating, inspiring, encouraging and entertaining. I’ve learned so much from you already, and my skills are improving day by day. Feels a bit like some kind of magic.
I’m really a bit out of words here to mention every aspect, so I’ll keep it short and simple, and just sending my sincere and heartfelt “Thank you so much for everything!” :smiley:

My second “Thank you!” goes to the incredible team behind all of this. Without you this huge project wouldn’t work, and you’re doing a fantastic job here for all the members and guitar students.
You are a blessing for all of us.
Thank you so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent, your kindness, your help and your caring. :smiley:

The third “Thank you!” is for the kind and friendly members of this community. I’m only here for a few days, and you have welcomed me so kindly, warm and encouraging that it is a great pleasure to spend time here.
I’m very happy to be a small part of this community now, too.
We are very lucky to have such an awesome captain and crew for our musical journey here. :smiley: :guitar:

Thank you so much again, all of you :hugs:

Cheers :lady_beetle: