AC/DC - Back In Black

Hi guys,

Here is another cover from me. This time I took a swing at the classic “Back in Black”.
Angus and Malcolm are not easy to cover, but I did my best. At least my version has funny vocals from :wink:

Hope you’ll enjoy it

As here is a guitar-only render, if someone wants to take a closer listen to just how the guitar parts are played…


Ha ! Sounds like the same dude who did the mashed up vox on Aerosmith’s Amazing stems I downloaded for the cover I recorded a month or so back after OM8. Obviously he was surplus to requirements. Hope Brian’s not heard this !

As to the rest, I thought it sounded very authentic. You say not an easy cover but I think you have nailed on the tone and also all the parts. I would be hard pressed to say if it was Youngs or Fauerbys playing. Excellent as usual. And now I’ll listen to the isolated stems.
BTW was the Helix used for the modelling ?

Good vibes Mr K.



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Whoa that is even more impressive, the tones are so on point. Still could not tell the difference. Excellent ! :+1:

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Hi Toby,

Thanks for the listen and for the nice words. Wrt the vocals, this was one of those cases where I went back and forth between including them or not… but in the end I decided that it was still better than a purely instrumental version.

As for the tones; I did not use the Helix for this one… but I’m sure I could have! The Marshall models are quite nice on those devices. I actually have an idea to do a project with only PodGo patches - but for this one I could not resist using my toy - my 50W Marshall Plexi tube head - now that I have it. Seemed fitting for AC/DC :wink:

The more I experiment with modelling, the more I think that they can be dialed to sound pretty much exactly like the real thing… especially in a mix. But tube amps is a hobby of mine, and I really enjoy playing with them.

Well with sounds like that, who’s going to tell you to stop playing with you toys ! Sounded superb, thanks for clarifying. I’ve been working through the Helix amp and cab models and finding some favourites on the POD, some great gear once its been tweaked a little. Don’t think I’ve ever played as much, as I have done the last 4 days ! :smile:

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Wow. I think nailed it was an understatement. Good job you left the crazy vocals in to indicate that it wasn’t original.

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Excellent cover, as always Kasper. You played it with a great groove like Angus :metal::smiling_imp:

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Guitars were absolutely spot on, vocals really cracked me up :joy::joy::joy:
Really enjoyed your efforts and it was so much fun!

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Thanks man! You really hit the head on the nail there, on why I think Angus is so hard to cover. He’s got that insane groove, as well as very unique and recognizable vibrato, that just makes his playing sound… nice :wink:
When playing AC/DC I think the success criteria is whether or not you get your audience to tap their feet or bang their heads. It’s all about that rock’n’roll groove! :wink:

I once auditioned with an AC/DC cover band, so I’ve put in some time learning a few AC/DC tunes… so glad that you thought it sounded pretty close to the originals!

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HI Kasper,

I didn’t hear any flaws. You sounded excellent! AC/DC songs are on my list of music to learn once I learn to play faster. I do too many darn ballads lol. It comes with time I guess and I need to put away my acoustic and fire up the electric guitars. This song instantly reminds me of Jack Black giving the band assignments in School of Rock- and lead guitar …Kasper. I wish I was in that elementary school at ten for real. haha

Thanks for sharing



Watch School of Rock | Prime Video

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Hi Kasper,
Thanks for sharing and this morning refresher…Wow, :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap:…and
I’ll leave out all superlatives. :grin:

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From one tone junkie to another, that is some tone(s) you got going there Kasper! Sounds great and I have learned to expect nothing less from you.

Hey, on another note so to speak. What has your band been up to of late? I would think you’re back to gigging at this point?

Keep up the good rock’n!

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Superb as always, Kasper, as always listening to your guitar play is indistinguishable in my memory from the original.

Just goes to show with enough time, determination, and practice one can play like your favourite guitarists. I probably just don’t have the time, determination, and desire to put in all the practice to get to that level myself. Still playing well enough so the song is somewhat recognisable is still the most fun I have.

Thanks for sharing.

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Kasper, this is sooo cool! You rocked the AVOYP at all :grinning:
And I listened to a purely guitar track with great pleasure. You sound just fantastic!
It also seemed to me that you don’t use stereo delay at all?
Thank you for sharing your music!
It’s always a great pleasure to listen?

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Hi Kasper, do you know … that was not bad, not bad at all! Rather good in fact.

You got the groove and that is key as you say.
They play it straight but they don’t play robotic.
Always good to hear your recordings.

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Then, your cover was a great success :blush:

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Love that movie… Now I want to watch it again :sweat_smile:

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Hi Leo,

Good to see you! Hope you’re doing well…
Thanks for the nice words. As for the tone, you’re correct… I think AC/DC is an extremely dry tone. Normally I would like to use more gain, more reverb and more delay. But this is really just a dry, and super low-gain, tone. Another thing that actually makes this style a lot harder to play than one might think. The rhythm tone is just 2 out of 10, on an already low gain Marshall Plexi amp. Solo is 7 out of 10, but normally I would boost the Plexi for lead lines… but not in this case :wink:

Take care

Hi LBro,

Thanks for giving my track a spin. Yes, band is (finally!!) back at gigging… we have a couple of shows per month over this summer, which is soooo nice. I’ve missed gigging a lot, during 2020 and 2021 it was pretty much shut down around here…

You know, when I’m finally on stage playing for happy people… then it all becomes worth the effort with all those hours of practicing at home, rehearsals with the band etc etc… (almost) no better feeling in the world than that!

Take care, haven’t heard much from you in a while… but I hope all is well on your end :wink:

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