Academy guitar?

Does anyone know anything about this brand of guitar. I was told it was a cheaper style made by Ovation but I’m not so sure.Brand is Academy with BOV110 inside. Semi acoustic shallow round back. It was given to me years ago and I am considering selling it if it is a sellable item. Thanks


I think they are a budget brand made in Taiwan/China, not sure if they have any link to Ovation itself or just a copy.

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Best I can get is a low budget Korean guitar. Like you said perhaps sponsored by ovation. I saw one old ad without a picture asking 160 euro.

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you could always keep it and use it to practice setting up an acoustic guitar etc.


I like the body on that guitar. If it’s not worth that much then I’d be inclined to keep it and stick it up on the wall as a decoration. (And also for use as James suggests.)

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