Achtung baby - U2 Cover Band

Wen’t to see these guys on Sat night over here in The West. If you like U2 and ever gat a chance, definitely go see them, they were real showmen and an awesome sound.
Spoke to the lead who was giving me the story on getting his Les Paul 70s Dlx that he absolutely adores by the way :+1::joy:. In person this guitar under the lights looked insane :face_with_peeking_eye:. Need to work harder so I can justify buying one :confounded::grimacing::joy:


What’s to justify?
Do you want one?
Can you afford one?
Most importantly, will your wife let you buy it?!?!?!:crazy_face:
Yes… Yes… Yessssssssss!!! Go for it & then use the $$$ spent be your motivation to justify the expense!!! :disguised_face:



:scream::rofl: great philosophy, yes to all those :face_with_peeking_eye::guitar:. Might wait until my skills improve before I jump in there :grinning:

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